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FC Augsburg - FK Partizan 1:3 (UEFA Europa League, Round 2)

Before I start this match report: high five and hats off to Augsburg for this warm welcome. Fair play at its highest. I very much hope when Germans play in Belgrade, they’ll be received the same cordially.

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The match was a completely surrealistic 90 minutes.

Augsburg attacked in the very first minute. Matavž (if I could see it well...) sent a distant shot to our goal line, Živko Živković saved.
Our answer came in the 2nd minute. Andrija Živković and his distant shot, but it was too high.
The first part of the match was awful. As if we would have gone out to the field without tactics. We passed the ball backwards, barely ever ahead. Augsburg was easy-going, playing football peacefully, we didn’t really interrupt them. In the 13rd minute the Bavarian team’s attack came on the right side, then their player shot the ball to the other side. After a goalmouth scramble the ball dropped to the middle. An Augsburg-player kicked it, but his shot hit a Partizan-defender. Finally it ended in a goal-kick.
A minute later Stevanović ran up with a great solo on the left. He reached Augsburg’s penalty area and shot. Goalkeeper Hitz saved.
In the 15th minute Andrija Živković passed to Babović in the middle, but the goalkeeper interrupted and caught the ball.

As if the entire team would have been put on Andrija Živković’s shoulders again... Every pass, every kick was sent to him.

In the 18th minute again Stevanović ran up with the ball on the left. He passed it to the other side to Aboubakar, but he was tackled.

During the tackle he got injured and had to come off. Bojinov was his substitute.

In the 21st minute Augsburg got a free kick, 17 metres from our goal line. Altintop stood behind the ball, his shot was too high.
Augsburg seemingly didn’t push themselves too much, as for us, we were fumbling, as usual, without any useful ideas.
In the 28th minute Bobadilla was dribbling in the middle and sent a distant shot to our goal. Živko Živković had a great save. Almost immediately came a pass from the left. Matavž headed it, Živko Živković saved it again.
Then in the 31st minute Babović passed the ball to the right to Andrija Živković. Žile ran up and sent a bomb shot from the penalty area line, right into the net. 0:1

In the 36th minute Augsburg got a free kick, 22 metres from the goal. Hong stood behind the ball, he shot, too wide. Two minutes later Augsburg attacked from the left. Altintop headed it to our goal, Živko Živković caught it.
In the 40th minute Feulner kicked a powerful shot from the distance, Živko Živković saved it.
At this point Augsburg put us under constant pressure. They wanted to equalize by all means, they possessed the ball a lot (61:39 was the ball possession ratio). At the very end of the first half they got a corner kick, Partizan defenders headed it out. The ball dropped to Feulner, he shot from the distance, but it was too high.
In the second half Augsburg kept on pressuring us. In the 47th minute a pass arrived from the left, to substitute player Esswein. He shot from 1-2 metres, Živko Živković saved it to corner.
In the 48th minute Bobadilla got the ball in our goalmouth. He was all alone, the assistant did not wave offside, yet the Spanish player started to fumble instead of shooting the ball into the net near Živko Živković, who ran out of the goalmouth. Finally, after long time he decided to shot, but he hit Partizan’s goalkeeper.
In the 53rd minute we got a corner kick, then immediately another. At this second one Ji somehow touched the ball and it got dropped into the net from his foot. Own goal. 0:2
In the 56th minute Bobadilla got the ball. He was again all alone, the assistant again didn’t wave offside. All doors and windows were open, but Bobadilla was just fumbling again, then he was tackled.
Two minutes later it was still him who scored for Augsburg. He got a pass from the left and sent it back to the left to Altintop. Altintop passed it back to him, Bobadilla shot and scored. 1:2
In the 62nd minute Babović kicked an Augsburg-player to the ground. The referee didn’t whistle. Jevtović got the ball, he passed it to Andrija Živković. Živković got it, thanked it, shot and the ball fell into the net. 1:3

Two minutes later Subić got a red card after pushing Esswein to the ground, for which he got his second yellow card. Augsburg got a free kick, 18 metres from our goal line. The shot was headed out by Partizan-defenders, but the German team still possessed the ball. Finally our defenders cleared the area.
In the 70th minute Max sent a shot to our goal after a corner kick, but it was too wide.
The home team put us under heavy pressure, while we played bunker football. In the 74th minute Augsburg got a free kick, 17 metres from our goal line, between the sideline and the penalty area line, on the left. Esswein got the ball, he shot, his attempt ended in a corner kick. The corner kick was headed to our goal by a home team player, Živko Živković saved.
In the 76th minute a pass arrived from the left. Ji headed it to our goal, it was too high. Two minutes later Bobadilla got the ball after a corner-kick. The Spaniard shot, but it was too high. In the 81st minute came another corner kick for Augsburg. Now Ji headed it, Živko Živković saved it.
In the 83rd minute we could break out of the bunker and made it to a corner kick, but Augsburg got bakc the ball and started a counter-attack. Bobadilla got the ball, he ran up, but he was kicked to the ground by Petrović. Free kick for Augsburg, 20 metres from our goal line, on the right. Trochowski got the ball, shot, Živko Živković punched it out.

In the 86th minute Beier got the ball, he shot, but he hit Živko Živković. A minute later Koo got a pass, he shot, the attempt ended in a corner kick.
Their last attempt was in the 89th minute. Trochowski sent a distant shot to our goal line, Živko Živković saved it.

Andrija Živković celebrating with fans

If there’s any video footage, I’ll update the post. Until then send flowers to Vazura and Vučelić and tell them how you love them.


Venue: WWK Arena, Augsburg, Germany
Number of spectators: 23 000
Referee: Alexandru Tudor (assistants: Radu Ghinguleac, Vasile Florin Marinescu - 4th assistant: Ovidiu Artene - goal line assistants: Cristian Balaj, Radu Petrescu) - ROM

FC Augsburg: Hitz - Verhaegh, Hong, Callsen-Bracker (Trochowski, 75.), Feulner (Max, 46.) - Baier - Koo, Altintop, Ji - Bobadilla, Matavž (Esswein, 46.)
Head coach: Markus Weinzierl

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic (Ostojić, 46.), Fabricio, Subić - A. Živković, Babović, Jevtović, Brašanac, Stevanović - Aboubakar (Bojinov, 22., Petrović, 66.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: A. Živković (31., 62.), Ji (54. - own goal), Bobadilla (58.)
Yellow cards: Jevtović (5.), Callsen-Bracker (16.), Vulićević (41.), Subić (56.), Hong (71.), Bobadilla (90+1.)
Red card: Subić (64.), second yellow card

Current standing of Group L:
1. Partizan 6 points
2. Athletic Bilbao 3 points
3. AZ Alkmaar 3 points
4. FC Augsburg 0 point

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