Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cibona - KK Partizan 63:57 (Adriatic League, Round 6)

It was a very bad match, with a lot of mistakes and struggles, and even the referees didn’t like us.
Cibona made it to 7:0 at the very beginning. By sweating blood, with the baskets of Đumić, Vitkovac and Marinković we switched the standing to 7:9. Cibona quickly equalized and changed the standing to 16:9. Vitkovac reduced the difference from free throws to 16:13. We finished the first quarter with 18:15, Magdevski scored in the last second.
The standing was modified to 23:17 in the following quarter. Nothing worked for us. We missed out all attempts, the ball always rebounded when we threw and the referees judged against us following some very strange logics.

Logics, bwahahahahaha....

For our luck Cibona also missed out a lot of chances, or else they would have been leading even here with too many points. Still they made it to 29:21, but then entered Danilo Anđušić, who just returned to KK Partizan.
Anđušić came, Anđušić saw and the standing became 29:28.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

That was the half time result as well.
Then we came back for the second half and switched the standing with Milutinović’s 3-pointer (29:31). Cibona took back the lead (32:31), but Vitkovac again switched it (32:34). Cibona equalized (34:34), Vitkovac threw another 3-pointer (34:37). Here we could keep our advantage quite well, at a point we were leading to 36:42. Cibona reduced it to 41:42, then Anđušić interfered. We entered the last quarter with 43:46.
In the fourth part Vrabac scored (43:48), so did Vitkovac (46:50), then... then we just struggled. It wasn’t a good game. There was nothing spectacular, no great fight, but too many missed out chances (on both sides), struggling, sometimes even wrestling. It was rather exhausting than exciting. The extra bonus was that referees kept on whistling against us more and more often, interrupting our attacks with (any) excuse, giving free throws to Cibona. At 48:50 the Croatian team took back the lead (51:50). Milutinović switched the standing once more (54:55), but then Cibona equalized and took back the lead with a 3-pointer (58:55). They quickly made it to 60:55, then Vitkovac performed an amazing steal and scored a fantastic basket (60:57).
Then came the referees.
They whistled fault on us always in the middle of our attacks and every single time they served free throws to Cibona on golden plate. This injustice made Cvetković lose control so much that he pushed a Cibona-player to the ground. For this he was fouled out. We had a few tryings (well, when we had the chance...), but none of them had any fruits. Finally it ended with 63:57.

Not only Vitkovac reached the low(est) level, but the team as well
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)


Cibona: Beriša (4), Krušlin (22), Hukić, Rozić (4), Jagodić-Kuridža (8), Slavica (2), Mandić, Mavra (9), Jokšimović (5), Žižić (7)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (5), Aranitović (3), Marinković (6), Vitkovac (16), Đumić (4), Koprivica, Perović, Magdevski (2), Milutinović (8), Glišić, Vrabac (2), Anđušić (11)

I bring you league table tomorrow, there are games left from this round.

Update: current standing of the League
1. Budućnost 11 points
2. CZ 10 points
3. Union Olimpija 10 points
4. Cedevita 10 points
5. MZT Skopje 9 points
6. Metalac 9 points
7. Igokea 8 points
8. Mega Leks 8 points
9. Partizan 8 points
10. Sutjeska 8 points
11. Cibona 8 points
12. Zadar 8 points
13. Tajfun Šentjur 8 points
14. Krka 8 points

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