Wednesday, October 7, 2015

KK Partizan - MZT Skopje 72:69 (Adriatic League, Round 3)

At last!!!! At long goddamn last, we won!!!
It wasn’t an easy win. It often looked like we’d get our third defeat in a row. Even if we warmed up nicely, as always.

(photos: Twitter)

Murić and Andrić were watching from the side of the court.

(photo: Twitter)

We started again with difficulties. Fans chanted the name of Duško Vujošević, while Skopje kept on scoring and we couldn’t speed up to their pace. The standing was 6:11 when we picked ourselves together and with the baskets of Đumić, Marinković (what a steal he made...) and Vrabac we switched the standing (12:11). It didn’t last long... With a bonus shot Skopje made it back to 12:14. Never mind, Vitkovac equalized (14:14), and with Perović’s throw we took back the lead (16:14). Skopje took it back again... (16:17) So did we (18:17). Then Vrabac was fouled during a Partizan-attack, nobody really knows why, Skopje got a free throw and they again took back the lead (18:19). We quickly equalized before they could increase the difference (21:21), first Marinković, then Cvetković (23:23), but the opponent scored one basket right before the end buzz. This way the result of the first quarter was 23:25.

Adin Vrabac

The start of the secold half again wasn’t too glorious. Skopje made it to 23:28, while we just couldn’t score. Finally we approached them to 27:28, but they quickly threw a 3-pointer (27:33). We reduced the difference with the great teamwork of Koprivica and Cvetković (29:33). Cvetković didn’t stop (31:33)

it was amazing what this young man can do - once he is like a whole herd of wild monkeys, then he speeds up, throws an amazing amount of baskets, ploughs up the court, takes the team on his back, spits out his lungs, dies on the floor and resurrects

Vrabac equalized (33:33). Skopje quickly had to do something - and they did (33:36), we kept the pace (34:36, 36:38), but for the end of the first half everything seemed to get broken. The guests were leading with more than 10 points (38:49).

Andreja Milutinović worked hard during the whole game, at this point (yet) Skopje seemed to be stronger

In the third quarter Skopje continued their marching (38:50). Marinković threw a 3-pointer (41:50), but the guests increased the difference to 13 points (41:54). It was awful. We missed out a lot of chances, additionally at some point we were just dribbling cluelessly. Then again we picked ourselves together and reduced the difference with the free throw of Milutinović, hook of Cvetković and the baskets of Marinković and Koprivica (49:54). Skopje again increased the difference (49:58), we reduced it (53:58). The result of the third quarter was 55.61.

Captain Vanja was our best with 16 points

Then came the final part, and to be very honest, I had no high hopes at all. I even started to compose a sad blogpost, something like "3 games, 3 losses, what do we have left", when Marinković stole the ball with an amazingly cheeky trick and passed it to Milutinović. Milutinović only had to score - he did and reduced the difference (57:63). Skopje quickly threw a 3-pointer (57:66), but here we got a row of free throws. Or rather, first Vitkovac threw a basket and got a bonus shot (60:66). Cvetković got a free throw (62:66). Vitkovac again (63:66). Skopje scored, but Cvetković quickly replied (67:68). Amazing what this guy was doing... Then he scored again from another free throw (67:68). The difference was only 1 point. What is more, Đumić took the lead from free throw (69:68). Skopje equalized from free throw (69:69), but we also got another free throw. Vrabac threw and took back the lead (70:69). And finally, in the very last moment Cvetković sped up... but you can watch it with your own eyes.

Time for the well-deserved celebration.


Cvetković’s wide grin. He had a major part in this victory 


KK Partizan: Cvetković (15), Aranitović, Marinković (16), Petrov, Vitkovac (10), Đumić (6), Koprivica (6), Perović (4), Magdevski (2), Glišić, Vrabac (5), Milutinović (8)

MZT Skopje: Sinadinović (3), Ljubčić (12), Mekić, Markovski, Vasiljević, Simonovski (5), Mladenovski (2), Drenovac (9), Bunić (13), Stojanovski (14), Mijatović, Luković (11)

League table will be brought tomorrow.

Update: current standing of the League:
1. Cedevita 6 points
2. CZ 6 points
3. Tajfun Šentjur 5 points
4. Igokea 5 points
5. Budućnost 5 points
6. MZT Skopje 4 points
7. Union Olimpija 4 points
8. Mega Leks 4 points
9. Zadar 4 points
10. Sutjeska 4 points
11. Partizan 4 points
12. Cibona 4 points
13. Krka 4 points
14. Metalac 4 points

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