Saturday, October 10, 2015

Igokea - KK Partizan 71:64 (Adriatic League, Round 4)

We screwed up this match. We lost it by ourselves. Though we played like in a dream.
Sure, you can come up with the very bad joke that it was like in a bad dream. We were really very good, we were on the lead with 6-10 points, then something went wrong.
The first quarter started slowly, but then we were leading to 5:6. Igokea switched the standing (9:7), then it was 11:10 with Cvetković’s 3-pointer.
Then came Aranitović with an amazing 3-pointer. 11:13, there came the buzz, we were leading in the beginning of the first quarter.


In the second quarter we walked out to the court and the standing became immediately 11:15. Then 13:16. Then again Aranitović came, saw and scored (13:19). Milutinović followed his example (13:22). Igokea’s players watched it with a sad face, their coach asked for time-out. He could shake up his team (20:22), but Aranitović stopped them (20:25).

It was amazing what this young man was doing during the match. He was a 3-pointer machine. He was the best player of the match with his 24 points.

You know what to do. Stand up and salute
(photo: Google)

Đumić scored, too (20:27). Cvetković brought a 3-pointer (22:30). Then again Aranitović (24:33), then Magdevski scored and the difference was two digit (26:36). Igokea reduced it to 30:36, Milutinović increased it to 30:38 from free throw. Right before the end of the first half Igokea scored, the half-time result was 32:38.


In the third quarter Aranitović walked out, looked around and scored a 3-pointer (32:41). Đumić was also around there, he threw it in (34:43). Then came a period when both teams could score almost only from free throws.


Igokea started it (36:43), Koprivica went on (36:45). Igokea scored a 3-pointer (39:45), Aranitović made another free throw (39:47). Igokea made a 5-point series here (even though Petar Božić asked for time-out in the meantime.) At 44:47 Marinković brought one point from free throw (44:48). Then, when the referees gave us another free throw, something broke in Igokea’s trainer and he started to yell with the referees. As a result, he got a double technical foul.
But before Željko Lukajić left the arena to stand into the entrance of the tunnel and sulk, he yelled off the referees one more time. Finally Kosta Perović could make the free throw. 46:49. Marinković also got the chance, as two technical fouls mean double amount of free throws (46:50).
Then nobody knows what happened.
Igokea scored (48:50). Then they threw a 3-pointer taking the lead (51:50). Petar Božić immediately asked for time-out, but it didn’t help. We finished the third quarter with 53:50.
At the beginning of the last part it was 55:50. Aranitović scored (while falling), 55:52, then Cvetković made it to 55:54.


Igokea increased the difference quickly to 59:54. Aranitović scored a 3-pointer, at least from 10 metres (59:57). Igokea made it to 63:57. Vitkovac and Cvetković brought a few points from free throw (66:60). We couldn’t really break the dominance of the home team (68:60). Marinković scored from free throw (68:63), Igokea scored another 3-pointer (71:62). At the end Đumić threw a basket, that’s how we ended it with 71:64. Well, -7 still looks less terrible than -9, isn’t it?


Igokea: Pašaljić (3), Dimić (8), Ćapin (11), Pešaković (2), Kesar (3), Komatina (10), Mikulić, Milošević (4), Radenović (12), Radivojević (12), Talić, Todorović (6)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (10), Aranitović (24), Marinković (5), Petrov, Vitkovac (2), Đumić (11), Koprivica (2), Perović (1), Magdevski (4), Glišić, Vrabac, Milutinović (5)

Current standing of the League:
1. CZ 8 pont
2. Budućnost 7 pont
3. Cedevita 7 pont
4. Igokea 7 pont
5. Union Olimpija 6 pont
6. Mega Leks 6 pont
7. Sutjeska 6 pont
8. Krka 6 pont
9. Tajfun Šentjur 6 pont
10. MZT Skopje 5 pont
11. Partizan 5 pont
12. Cibona 5 pont
13. Zadar 5 pont
14. Metalac 5 pont

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