Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KK Partizan - Sutjeska 75:67 (Adriatic League, Round 5)

It was an easy win.
Well, in the beginning it didn’t look that easy. At 3:3 Sutjeska sped up and took the lead (3:5) and they kept it until 9:11.

Meanwhile ArenaSport’s broadcast died a few times, so did I, a bit.

Then we equalized with Cvetković’s throw. He threw another basket and took us the lead (13:11). Sutjeska equalized from free throw (13:13), Perović took back the lead (15:13). We ensured our position with Vitkovac’s 3-pointer (18:13), but it didn’t last long. Sutjeska equalized, what is more, they took back the lead for the end of the first half (18:20).
At the beginning of the second part we equalized with Perović’s basket (20:20). Sutjeska didn’t let it at that (20:22).
Then came Petar Aranitović.


Aranitović again came, saw and within 2 bats of the eye it was 28:22 instead of 20:22. It was amazing what this kid was doing. If he continues it like this, he can be the new Bogdan Bogdanović. At 28:24 he threw another 3-pointer.


At 32:25 Cvetković performed an amazing steal, then he ran up and passed the ball to Vitkovac. Vitkovac just had to make a flick to push the ball into the basket, and he even got a bonus shot after this. The standing was 35:25, we were leading with 10 points.

Beside Aranitović it was Cvetković, who was the heart and soul of Partizan tonight. While Aranitović threw 3-pointers with an easy, elegant style, Cvetković was burning on a hundred million degrees, ploughed up the court, bit himself onto the neck of the opponent, stole the ball, ran, passed and threw baskets, one after the other.


At 35:27 Vitkovac brought back our 10-point advantage. At 37:29 it was made by Cvetković, at 39:30 by Koprivica, what is more, at his action our advantage was 10+ points (41:30). We finished the first half with 43:32, having a 11-point advantage.
In the third quarter Đumić dunked (45:32), then came a long silence, when none of the teams could score. It was again Đumić, who broke it (47:32).


Sutjeska asked for time-out, then reduced the difference (47:34).

This was the first and only basket during the game by former Partizan-player Đoko Šalić. You damn kid, you must return to Partizan, or else...

Finally they reduced the difference to 9 points (47:38). Here Perović brought back World Peace (49:38). Marinković helped him (51:38).


The standing was 51:42, we missed out numerous attempts, but Sutjeska couldn’t turn our mistakes to their advantage, and as an extra, their trainer got a technical foul. Marinković suddenly threw a 3-pointer (54:42), and at this point Sutjeska’s only goal seemed to be trying to keep the difference under 10 points. They could make it more or less, we finished the quarter with 56:49.
They opened the final part (56:51), Vitkovac answered with a 3-pointer (59:51), Milutinović settled back the 10-point difference (61:51).


Sutjeska tried to reduce it, they made it to 62:54, but at this point Cvetković was like an enriched atomic pile. He threw a 3-pointer (65:54), Sutjeska could score only from free throw. They could still reduce the difference to 8 points (65:57). Perović scored, again 10 point was the difference (67:57), Sutjeska reduced it again (67:59). Cvetković threw another 3-pointer (70:57). Here Sutjeska’s trainer asked for time-out and he scolded his players in a rather violent style, not really caring about the live broadcast... Finally they reduced the difference to 70:63, but Cvetković was unstoppable, he threw 5 points (75:63). Sutjeska threw two more baskets before the end buzz, this way they were defeated "only" with 8 points.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)



Local reports talk about Cvetković being celebrated by fans for long after the game, he had to be literally pulled back to the locker-room.


KK Partizan: Cvetković (21), Aranitović (13), Marinković (8), Petrov, Vitkovac (13), Đumić (4), Koprivica (3), Perović (8), Magdevski, Glišić, Vrabac, Milutinović (3)

Sutjeska: Pavličević (15), Đurović, Kruščić (11), Ćalasan (6), Mugoša, Albijanić (16), Spasojević (8), Čvorović, Žižić (2), Pavić (3), Vranješ (4), Šalić (2)

Current standing of the League:
1. CZ 9 points
2. Budućnost 9 points
3. Cedevita 9 points
4. Union Olimpija 8 points
5. Igokea 8 points
6. Mega Leks 8 points
7. MZT Skopje 7 points
8. Sutjeska 7 points
9. Partizan 7 points
10. Metalac 7 points
11. Tajfun Šentjur 7 points
12. Krka 7 points
13. Cibona 6 points
14. Zadar 6 points

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