Thursday, October 29, 2015

VK Partizan - Szolnok 9:14 (Champions League, Round 1)

This was a terrible match.
As an extra, lousy Hungarian Sport 2 broadcasted the game with a 1-hour leap (it was an intentional leap, it could be seen like so even in the TV guide, it seems, on their planet something was more importan than Partizan), and there was no working link for RTS 2, so Average Fan had to wait, while cursing and finally listening to Hungarian commentator László Fülöp, which wasn't a top entertaining event, you can believe me.
We had a very good start. We jumped into the pool and Gavril Subotić scored almost immediately (1:0). Szolnok quickly equalized (1:1), then they hit the goalpost while sending a powerful shot to our goal. Asanović scored an amazingly cheeky goal, shooting the ball under the goalkeeper’s armpit (2:1). It could have been even 3:1, but the referee invalidated our goal, nobody actually knows why. Szolnok quickly equalized again (2:2), and then Dániel Varga didn't just took the lead for the guests, but 15 seconds before the end of the quarter he scored another goal. The result of the first part was 2:4.
The beginning of the second quarter was mostly about Szolnok's goalkeeper constantly saving Partizan's every attempt, yet at the other side of the pool they shot the ball again into our net (2:5). It started to be very nasty. Finally we got a penalty shot, Subotić scored (3:5), but Szolnok almost immediately set back the three-goal difference (3:6). Again Subotić, making it to 4:6, but Szolnok didn’t stop. They had these very long passes, someone from behind flung the ball ahead to the teammate that was sneaking around our goalmouth. Partizan’s defenders tried to get back as quickly as they could, but Szolnok’s attacker, who had to be faced only with Rističević, has thrown the ball into our net long ago, and when Partizan’s defenders arrived back to the goalmouth, the attacker was already swimming back with an evil grin on his face. The half-time result was 4:8.
Szolnok continued it even in the 3rd quarter. With Vámos's goal the standing was 4:9, he threw the ball into the net with an unlawful movement, just dropping the ball there far above Rističević, who was desperately sinking down.
Then it was 4:10.
Oh my God.
One tries not to think about what could be going on in Vladimir Vujasinović’s head.
Then we picked ourselves together a bit. Gavril Subotić scored (5:10), so did Manojlović in power play (6:10). Szolnok’s reply was two quick goals (6:12). After this Vučinić reduced the difference with a very lucky goal. He sent a distant shot to the goal, the ball hit the goalpost and fell on the water, where a weak little wave sweeped it through the goal line. 7:12. Szolnok still scored one more goal before the end of the quarter, because it is always better to be safe than sorry. (7:13)
In the last quarter Gogov scored (8:13), Szolnok’s answer was an impossible goal. Their attacker swam up all alone, nobody ever interfered, the defenders disappeared. Rističević was in a very desperate situation. That was it. 8:14. Then in the middle of the quarter Jakšić scored (9:14), from then on it was mostly about the goalkeepers and missed-out chances.


Current standing of Group B:
1. Pro Recco 3 points
2. Szolnok 3 points
3. Dubrovnik 3 points
4. OSC Budapest 0 point
5. Partizan 0 point
6. Galatasaray 0 point

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