Thursday, October 8, 2015

Question of the day

Partizan celebrated the 70th anniversary of its foundation last week, and for this occasion there was 1 (one) official event organized. In UK Parobrod club in Belgrade there was (actually, it's still running) a series of events, organized by creative and enthusiastic fans. The team (officially) doesn't even know about it.

It's something I can't understand. Maybe I'm too naive though, because I thought this anniversary would be a great occasion to release all sorts of books, photo albums, DVD's to celebrate this jubilee as well as fan collectibles available only here, only now. I'm sure fans would love it and these items would be sold out quickly. What I absolutely don't understand is that the social media was totally out of sight.

I have seen it at more than one team, at top clubs as well as at second and third league ones, not just at football teams and not only from Europe that they make a campaign at every social media site they're present at (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), something like "Partizan around the world", they create a hashtag to it and ask fans to take a photo of themselves with a Partizan-relic (scarf, jersey, etc.) wherever they are at in the world, inlands or at a foreign country, with a famous place of that given place in the background. Or make just the relic visible with, let's say, Big Ben in the background. Or anything else. The photo doesn't even have to be new, it can be from any time in the past 70 years. Then to collect all these photos and upload it to one giant album on Facebook or on the team's homepage, or both. Or anything else that's about fans. It's one of the biggest commonplaces ever, but that's why it's so true that fans keep a team alive, always, without them nothing works.

No money would have been needed for this to spend, only a bit of creativity. But even this gesture would have made fans feel important, that we are one big family, where everyone cares for the other.

The question of the day is simple: why did it not happen?
Answer A: because the marketing and PR are totally incompetent and unqualified.
Answer B: because on Planet Vazura & Vučelić celebration = self-polishing.
Answer C: because in fact nobody gives a shit.
Answer D: all of the above.

Put your answers as well as your own thoughts to the comment box.

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