Friday, October 9, 2015

RK Partizan - Sloga 28:24 (superliga, round 4)

While half the world was watching with bated breath as the Serbian football team beat the hell out of Albania, Partizan's handball team had an easy victory against Sloga in the 4th round of superliga.
We had an excellent start (3:1), Sloga equalized after more than 10 minutes (3:3). We took back the lead (5:3), the guests equalized in the 20th minute (6:6). From this point on there was no stop, we were leading continuously, in the 21st minute our advantage was 2 goals (8:6), then 10:7, 11:8 and so on. 3 minutes before half time the standing was 12:9, a minute later we scored another (13:9), Sloga shot one before the end of the half. We finished the first part with 13:10.
In the second half we continued to march. The guests had no chance at all. We were leading with 2-3-4 goals for the whole time. 15:11 (33rd minute), 16:13 (36th minute), 20:16 (43rd minute). We kept on scoring, 2 minutes before the end we were leading to 28:23. Sloga scored one last goal before the end buzz (28:24).
The hero of the day was Captain Igor Mršulja with 8 goals. He is followed by Stevan Sretenović (5) and Lazar Kukić (4). Nemanja Živković, Mihajlo Radojković and Ivan Popović all scored 3-3 goals, while Andrija Đuričić added 2 to our victory.

Ivan Popović - Ivan the Terrible, with his ultimate beard

Stevan Sretenović

Our goalkeeper Tomić’s great moment

You can’t just stop Radojković. For that even a wrecking ball wouldn’t be enough, not mentioning a simple defender

I told you...

Igor Mršulja defends the ball with his body, if needed

Aleksa Maksić’s attempt

Stevan "Parni Valjak" Sretenović

If the Captain speeds up...

Lazar Kukić runs up and scores

3 defenders are trying to block Mršulja...

...but he shoots anyway

I’ll bring you league table at weekend.

Update: current championship standings:
1. CZ 7 points
2. Partizan 6 points
3. Sloga 5 points
4. Požarevac 5 points
5. Metaloplastika 5 points
6. Rudar Kostolac 4 points
7. Morava 3 points
8. Jugović 3 points
9. Radnički 1 point
10. Železničar 1 point

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