Friday, October 16, 2015

Požarevac - RK Partizan 23:24 (superliga, round 5)

It wasn’t an easy game, we had to fight hard against Požarevac for this victory. The match started with Nemanja Živković’s goal (0:1), but even for that we had to wait until the 3rd minute. The first half was a nip-and-tuck game, 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 and so on until the 26th minute, when the standing was 10:10 and Požarevac suddenly made it to 13:10. Nemanja Živković reduced the difference to 13:11, probably right before the half time buzz.
In the second half the home team was leading for quite a time, always with 1-2 goals. We could equalize in the 46th minute to 17:17 with Šotra’s goal, then in the 47th Đuričić took the lead for us (17:18). Požarevac equalized, but Popović took back the lead in the 49th minute and from then on we didn’t let control out of our hands. We kept up the difference of 1-2 goals constantly. At the very end, when the standing was 22:24, the home team scored one more goal.
The hero of the day is Nemanja Živković with 6 goals. He is followed by Stevan Sretenović, he scored 5. Đorđe Šotra, Ivan Popović and Igor Mršulja all scored 3-3 goals. Andrija Đuričić added 2 to our victory, while Mihajlo Radojković and Lazar Kukić shot 1-1 goal.
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League table comes on Sunday, the rest of the 5th round is yet to come.

Update: current championship standings
1. CZ 9 points
2. Partizan 8 points
3. Sloga 7 points
4. Metaloplastika 7 points
5. Požarevac 5 points
6. Rudar Kostolac 4 points
7. Morava 3 points
8. Jugović 3 points
9. Radnički 1 point
10. Železničar 1 point

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