Friday, October 9, 2015

Mladost - VK Partizan 9:9 (Triglav Liga, Round 3)

What a game it was. Even though we started with great pace and power, at the end we were struggling to equalize.
I have brought you screenshots about the match, I don’t want to wait until official photos will be released, if there’s any at all.


We got a penalty shot right in the beginning, we scored (0:1). Some time around the half of the quarter Mladost equalized (1:1). A couple of attempts were missed out on both sides, then Gogov took back the lead (1:2), then he scored another, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry (1:3). Rističević made great saves, in the meantime Drašović shot and scored (1:4). The home team reduced the difference just a few seconds before the buzz (2:4).

Partizan’s timeout soon before the end of the first quarter

In the second quarter Mladost quickly scored from power play (3:4). We increased the difference from penalty (3:5), but the Croatian team immediately scored from a counter-attack (4:5).


Subotić quickly shot a goal (4:6), and it was around this point, when a nasty ordeal occurred for us.
We just couldn’t score any goal for a long time.
For our great-great luck we had our Dimitrije Rističević.
It was amazing what this man performed. He saved everything. We can thank especially to him that the Croatian team didn’t kill us.
Because in the meantime nothing worked for us. We always hit the goalpost or the crossbar, no matter if we shot from the distance or from nearby. Mladost reduced the difference, what is more, just a few seconds before the half-time they equalized. (6:6)
The third quarter was awful. We demonstrated how not to play water polo. We screwed up everything possible.
Yet at the other side Rističević saved even the impossible with the persistence of a rock.
So, dear Reader, now you overcome your laziness, stand up straight and salute to him.

(photo: Google)

While Average Fan died a bit after every missed-out chance.
Then Mladost took the lead after a counter-attack. (7:6)
Our boys kept on hitting the crossbar. Gilen, Subotić, Gogov all missed it out. No matter from where they tried to shoot, the ball always hit the plastic instead of the net.


Vladimir Vujasinović asked for time-out, trying to tidy up the chaos in the heads. But even this didn’t work out. Jakšić was sent off, Mladost was in power play and they took advantage of it. (8:6)


At the end of the quarter, after more than 8 minutes we could score and reduce the difference (8:7).
In the final quarter we continued to perform the "how not to play waterpolo"-movie as well as tearing up fans’ nerves into small pieces. Manojlović hit the crossbar almost from the goal line, then he missed out another attempt as well. If we didn’t hit the crossbar, then Croatian defenders inactivated us. And in this unbelievable, surreal circus Mladost scored another goal. 9:7, and there are barely one and a half minute left.
And Subotić scored!!!! 9:8!!!!
There’s only one minute left!

May all the devils of the hell take ArenaSport’s technicians for a sledge ride on his birthday, because on the screen "9:7" could be seen for a very long time. Average Fan thought the referees invalidated Subotić’s goal - which was a cheeky, amazing goal by the way - and Croatians are still on the lead with 2 goals. So, the channel owes me a number of hairs that grew grey for me extremely quickly during this last half minute.

And then, for the very last seconds we sped up and right before the end buzz Gogov equalized with a fantastic goal. 9:9!
The end. And we are happy, because we could steal a point from Zagreb.
The hero of the day was Gavril Subotić no, actually it’s Dimitrije Rističević, but Subotić scored the most goals (4) - there’s no info about Rističević’s saves though. Subotić is followed by Gogov with 3 goals. Drašović and Radojević both scored 1-1 goal.

Current standing of the Liga:
1. Dubrovnik 9 points
2. Jadran HD 9 points
3. Partizan 7 points
4. Primorje 6 points*
5. CZ 6 points
6. Mornar 3 points
7. Mladost 1 point*
8. Radnički 0 point
9. Vojvodina 0 point
10. POŠK 0 point

Teams marked with * played only 2 matches so far.

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