Thursday, October 29, 2015


Milorad Vučelić is the new president of Partizan sports society (also known as JSD Partizan).

I feel the same way as you now, dear Reader.

Former president Duško Vujošević’s mandate has been over, a new president, vice presidents and excecutive committe were elected. Due to rumours Vučelić was voted unanimously.
That Vučelić, who depraved the football team during his approx. 1-year reigning, who sold out the best players, who got Marko Nikolić discharged, who brought here Stefan Babović and Zoran Milinković, meanwhile the team reached its rock bottom, mostly morally, and is 17 points behind the team (I won’t say their name) that is leading the league table.
The vice presidents are Nenad Golijanin and Andrea Arsović.

I wonder who and how drew the otherwise successful sports shooter Andreja Arsović into it.

The members of the executive committee are Nenad Golijanin, Miloš Vazura, Zoran Popović, Vojislav Nedić, Miroslav Nedić, Mlađan Šilobad, Aleksandar Šoštar, Velimir Marjanović, Aleksandar Blagojević, Borko Drašković and Duško Jovanović.
You can really feel the mawkish fart-smell of the overlord/vassal/servant system.
Dear fellow fans and Grave Diggers, this is a very sad day in the 70-year-old history of Partizan.


Meanwhile the football players were taken to get flu vaccine, most probably to draw away attention from this shameful president election. Don't ever ask why young, healthy professional sportsmen need such a vaccine, but obviously Bel Medic private hospital needed some extra advertisement.

Team doctor Ilija Rosić heads the line giving a good example

Marko Jevtović is trying with optimisim, but it’s not easy to pretend you’re jolly when you’re not

...when it was Stevanović’s turn, the shiny happy mood was gone

Šaponjić looks a bit confused

Subić probably thinks that it was not included in his job description

Stevanović: "Hey, bro, do you know why it’s good for us?"
Grbić: "Dunno... I was told, if we were good, we’d get chocolate..."

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