Monday, October 24, 2016

FMP - KK Partizan 56:65 (ABA Liga, round 6)

Question no. 1.: Whose very stupid idea was to put this game - actually a derby - to Sunday noon?
Question no. 2.: Who was/were that/those idiot(s) who agreed with it?
FYI: at Sunday noon I’m still at my morning coffee, after I had my English-style breakfast in a leisure style. Even this time I was still not fully awake, when the boys started to wrestle with Čoki and co. on the court. (Even the commentator greeted the viewers with "Dobro jutro" - Good morning.)
This game was mostly a wrestling game, though it contained basketball as well in tracks. At the beginning of the first quarter already 3 fouls were whistled, yet the standing was still 6:6 after 5 minutes. (While Čoki jr. got his second foul.) Meanwhile we took the lead with a minimal advantage, but we kept it (10:11, 9th minute). Only 7 seconds were left, we took the lead again after an equal with Veličković’s 3-pointer (12:15), but at the very end, right at the buzz the referees just had to whistle a foul on us, and the opponent got a triple free throw. They scored, all of them, of course. 15:15, what a comedy.

Majstorović vs. Čović junior. The difference is not only their height, or "Gimme the ball or else I’ll call MY DAD!"

The second quarter was the same with barely any scores, but much more fighting. FMP was leading for almost the whole time. Once we equalized around the middle of the quarter (22:22), but they took back the lead almost immediately. Both teams played with too many fouls and mistakes, with only one basket in a minute. If there were two baskets within a minute, then excitement was about to explode... We finished the first half with 32:31, but Uroš Luković definitely brought his best.

Čoki sr. (on the left) and Mme Vesna were there to watch the Baby Boy

In the third quarter we brought ourselves back to life. At first it was a pingpong-game (one basket at this side, one at the other), then at 36:35 we started a huge series with Luković’s basket and didn’t finish until 36:51. FMP could score from free throw 10 seconds before the end (38:51), but we also got one, right at the very end, the same way as the opponent got it in the first part - it was almost the end buzz, but the referees whistled a foul and we scored from free throw (38:53).

Majstorović and Vrabac surround Ljubičić 

FMP decided to play it hard for the last quarter, while probably the referees also woke up and started to whistle a row of fouls on us, whether it was really a foul or not. The opponent jumped to 51:55, but we still didn’t let the advantage out of our hands. The 7th minute brought a fighting scene, Ratkovica and Šešlija clashed, literally. (Both of them were fouled, but only FMP got a free throw...) Too many mistakes and missed-out chances came in the last minutes, and even if one of the teams could score, that was almost surely from free throw. Field goals were totally missing.
And we were those who took advantage of free throws.
Of course.
*halo switched on*


FMP: Čović (10), Ćorović, Davidovac (7), Apić (7), Lazarević (9), Bursać (9), Šešlija (1), Kutlešić, Žižić, Ljubičić (9), Kaplanović (2), Bolden (2)

KK Partizan: Robinson (5), Ratkovica (2), Vrabac (1), Marinković (2), Veličković (15), Majstorović (5), Birčević, Koprivica, Andrić (7), Hatcher (20), Pot, Luković (8)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 12 points
2. Budućnost 12 points
3. KK Partizan 12 points
4. Cibona 11 points
5. Cedevita 9 points
6. Igokea 9 points
7. Zadar 9 points
8. Mornar Bar 8 points
9. FMP 8 points
10. Krka 7 points
11. Mega Leks 7 points
12. MZT Skopje 7 points
13. Union Olimpija 6 points
14. Karpoš 6 points

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