Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mornar Bar - KK Partizan 57:58 (ABA Liga, round 1)

The basketball season has finally started.

Brand new team, brand new hopes, Mihajlo Andrić has returned at long last after a very long pause and Novica Veličković stayed at Partizan.
Then the game started and it was a struggle. The home team was leading to 8:2, we missed out a lot of chances, or rather the Montenegrin team blocked the hell out of us.

12:2, then 14:4. KK Partizan was out of order... Hatcher got a technical, Andrić was fouled for the second time in the 7th minute. Even Veličković entering the court didn’t help. He scored though (14:6), but we still kept on collecting fouls. The quarter ended with 18:10.

Adin Vrabac

Just when the second quarter started, Ellis blocked Veličković twice in a row. This video here is just a teaser, they made it the same way once again.

We struggled. Mornar played it aggressive, in fact that was all. As for us, well... we didn’t. We played as if we were asleep, we tried to stop them with clenched teeth, no success (22:10). Then finally Marinković scored a 3-pointer (22:17), that woke up the team, a bit. Hatcher and Robinson equalized (24:24), we even took the lead with Hatcher’s free throw (24:26). We came back to life a bit, but it didn’t last long. Just 16 seconds before the end buzz Mornar took back the lead (28:27), that was the half-time result as well.

Stefan Pot with the ball

That very annoying something that was typical for the rest of the game started in the third quarter, this "ping-pong"-game, when one team leads, then within a few seconds the other takes the lead, and just a bit later the first team takes it back - and so on. The difference was max. 3-4 points always. There was struggling, there was fight, but there was barely any score. Both teams had very strong defense, but at the same time none of them had a convincing performance. Mornar was leading to 43:42 before the final quarter.

Andrić and Luković (55) try to block Mornar’s player. Robinson (5) is watching from the left, Vrabac (7) is wrestling with Waller

It was the same in the last part. Fight, struggle, sweat, then at 57:56 Ratkovica clashed so hard with the opponent under the backboard that he fell on the court and remained there. (Finally he could stand up and teetered off to the bench.) Then at the end Veličković settled the final score.


KK Mornar Bar: Jones (14), Krstić (3), B. Radunović (8), Vujošević, Čalić (2), Mijović (6), M. Radunović, Pantić, Dickerson (4), Ellis (5), Hadžibegović, Waller (15)

KK Partizan: Robinson (2), Ratkovica (7), Vrabac (2), Marinković (9), Veličković (8), Majstorović (5), Birčević (3), Koprivica, Andrić (3), Hatcher (11),  Pot (2), Luković (6)

League table will be brought tomorrow, there is one game left from this round.
Update: standings after 1 round
1. Budućnost 4 points*
2. Zadar 3 points*
3. CZ 2 points
4. Krka 2 points
5. Cibona 2 points
6. Mega Leks 2 points
7. Partizan 2 points
8. Union Olimpija 1 point
9. Mornar Bar 1 point
10. FMP 1 point
11. Cedevita 1 point
12. Igokea 1 point
13. Karpoš 1 point
14. MZT Skopje 1 point

Teams marked with * have already played round 2.


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