Sunday, October 30, 2016

Radnik - FK Partizan 1:3 (superliga, round 14)

Dear All, the thing is that there are no official photos for this match. Not even non-official ones. So you all have to content yourselves with my blabber, and if you survive, you'll find video highlights at the end of the post.

I even sneaked around at Radnik's website to see if they maybe have any photos about the game. Well, that site was updated a month ago. RIP.

This match was the match of fouls, especially in the beginning. In the first 15-20 minutes players kicked rather each other than the ball. The first chance came in the 3rd minute, Radnik's striker Radović came up on the right side and shot, Kljajić had a great save.
Then we put the label "done" on Radnik very quickly.
Balažic headed the ball downfield after a corner in the 9th minute. Bojinov forwarded it, Đurđević ran up, he was all alone, Radnik’s defense was behind him. Đurđević shot and scored, as it’s written in the Big Book of Football. 0:1
Seriously, only one minute passed afterwards.
Partizan attacked from the right side. Đurđević crossed the ball to the left side of the pitch, where Leonardo arrived - all alone. The entire Radnik defense line got short-circuit, Leonardo didn’t want to waste his good arrival - he shot and scored. 0:2

Radnik didn’t collapse. It’s something that definitely has to be appreciated. Another team would have been knocked out after getting two goals within a minute, but Team Surdulica ran and fought ahead. For this they deserve a salutation, also because that’s one of the reasons why the match didn’t end up as a total-boredom-passing-around-let’s-forget-it event, but as both teams ran, fought and tried for 90 minutes, it was an exciting, sometimes even spectacular game.

In the 16th minute the home team got a free kick. The cross came dangerously to our goalmouth, Kljajić saved with his leg (!). Then Francis shot, our defenders blocked him.
26th minute, Bojinov showed his usual form. All doors and windows were open, he was all alone in the goalmouth facing only the goalkeeper. He shot and hit goalkeeper Čančarević being only 3 steps away from him. (Okay, this time he did have the ball. Otherwise Radnik’s defenders mostly ran him off and tackled him.)

Someone should tell me why this Bulgarian has to be forced into the first team. He scores one goal, but misses out at least 10 other chances. And let’s rather not mention when he is run off by defenders, misses a pass or cross for being too slow or gets stuck in offside position. Comedy...

In the 33rd minute Balažic headed it to the box, the goalkeeper saved. Radnik had an instant counter-attack, Kljajić saved. Not much later Radnik attacked, a cross came, someone forwarded it, Radović shot, but it was too wide. In the 38th minute Leonardo had a distant shot. The goalkeeper was out of the goalmouth and he was just watching with a desperate face as the ball makes a perfect line flying directly towards the box. For the home team’s great luck it finally hit the crossbar. Then Everton had one try with a distant shot in the 44th minute, too high.
In the second half Radnik scored right at the beginning. Milovanović arrived at the right side, crossed to the middle, Zlatanović was waiting there. He just had to forward it into the box with a small kick. 1:2
We got stuck to our half. Radnik had a very combative style, they really forced an equalizing. We could have only one free kick in the 55th minute, after that Đurđević ran up into the goalmouth and shot from a sharp angle, but it was too wide.
The 63rd minute brought another Bojinov-show. The Bulgarian shot from the distance, the ball ended on the stands. Oh well. Leonardo had a try in the 67th minute, the ball again avoided the box. Radnik had a chance in the 73rd minute, Zlatanović headed, Kljajić saved.
Then the 76th minute can earn the label "fail".
We attacked. Radnik's goalkeeper ran out of the goalmouth, even the penalty area. He was at least 20-25 metres away from the goal line. He wanted to kick the ball downfield, but instead he kicked into the air... Đurđević was right there, ran up, the goalkeeper desperately ran behind him, but Đurđević was faster and walked into the box together with the ball. 1:3
In the 80th minute Radin missed out a huge chance. Đurđević tackled a defender in the penalty area then very selflessly passed to Radin. Radin shot, missing the box with just centimetres.
There were two more attempts by us, both in the extra time. First Đurđević shot (too high), then Đurđić had a try, the goalkeeper saved.


Venue: City stadium, Surdulica
Number of spectators: 2000
Official: Lazar Lukić (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Vladimir Jovanović - 4th official: Nemanja Petković)

FK Radnik: Čančarević, Milovanović, N. Vlahović (Đorić, 88.), Adamović, Nikolić, Francis, Radović (Jovanović, 83.), Pavlović, Gojković, Vuković, Zlatanović (Stanković, 73.)
Head coach: Neško Milovanović

FK Partizan: Kljajić, Radin, Miletić, Milenković, Balažic, Everton, Marjanović, Leonardo (Đurđić, 89.), Stevanović (Janković, 84.), Bojinov (S. Ilić, 75.), Đurđević
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Đurđević (9., 76.), Zlatanović (47.), Leonardo (10.)
Yellow card: Gojković (22.), Nikolić (42.), Pavlović (45.), Radin (53.), Milovanović (64.), Leonardo (68.), Đurđić (90.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 35 points
2. FK Partizan 29 points
3. Vojvodina 29 points
4. Napredak 28 points
5. Radnički Niš 27 points
6. Mladost 25 points
7. Spartak Subotica 19 points
8. Rad 18 points
9. Metalac 16 points
10. Radnik 15 points
11. Javor 14 points
12. FK Voždovac 14 points
13. Novi Pazar 12 points
14. OFK Bačka 11 points
15. Čukarički 10 points
16. Borac 8 points

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