Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MZT Skopje - KK Partizan 62:93 (ABA Liga, round 2)

With an awfully lagging net and sometimes unwatchable stream, but Partizan won again - as Fellow Fan was kind enough to inform me, by "smashing them". Looking at the final result it’s no doubt at all.

That day was also the 71st anniversary of founding Partizan sports society. Grave Diggers did their best to celebrate it.

The steam engine started to roll in the first quarter at 9:11. We jumped to 9:20 scoring a lot of 3-pointers. Then 14:27. Easy, smooth, absolutely non-problematic first part, finished with 16:29.

Hatcher had a fantastic performance, he was the MVP of the game

That's how it was going for the rest of the game as well. In the second quarter our advantage was more than 20 points (20:43). Even ArenaSport's commentator was shocked. We had the chance to make some spectacular tricks, too, like Ratkovica here.

Half-time result: 25:48.

Birčević too was in excellent shape

The second half was merely about whether we can keep the 20-point difference or we can improve it to 30. We did. We were leading to 50:85 in the last quarter. At the very end we took it too easily and missed out a few chances, Skopje reduced the difference from 52:90 to 62:93. But 30 points are 30 points.


MZT Skopje: Cvetkovski, Thames (20), Thomas, Mekić, Massey (15), Kloof (4), Simonovski (5), Lučić (9), Mladenovski (1), Scott (8), Lalić

KK Partizan: Robinson, Ratkovica (5), Vrabac, Marinković (16), Veličković (5), Majstorović (11), Birčević (19), Koprivica, Andrić (8), Hatcher (21), Pot, Luković (8)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 4 points
2. Partizan 4 points
3. Budućnost 4 points
4. Cibona 4 points
5. FMP 3 points
6. Mega Leks 3 points
7. Zadar 3 points
8. Krka 2 points
9. Mornar Bar 2 points
10. Cedevita 2 points
11. MZT Skopje 2 points
12. Union Olimpija 1 points
13. Igokea 1 point
14. Karpoš 1 point


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