Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RK Partizan - Sloga 28:27 (superliga, round 8)

This game was back on Saturday. Today is Tuesday. I’ve been waiting until now to find some - any - material about this game, photos, anything.
Even the government would resign earlier than any material about handball games will be released...
The most important is that we won. We had a confident advantage in the first half (6:3, 10:6, 13:9 and so on), then the second half was a bit more close, though we kept the lead for the whole time, just now our advantage was only 1-2 goals.
The hero of the day is Nikola Perović with 6 goals. He is followed by Lazar Kukić and Igor Mršulja scoring 5-5 goals. Stefan Jokić and Vuk Milenković earned 3-3 scores, Nemanja Živković, Darko Stevanović and Nikola Ivanović all scored 2-2 goals.

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 13 points
2. Vojvodina 13 points
3. Dinamo 12 points
4. Sloga 10 points
5. Spartak Vojput 9 points
6. Šamot 65 9 points
7. Požarevac 7 points
8. Partizan 7 points
9. Metaloplastika 6 points
10. Rudar 6 points
11. Morava 4 points
12. Jugović 0 point

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