Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Žarkovo - FK Partizan 0:2 (Serbian Cup, 1/8 final)

Obligatory victory with the substitute team on a Tuesday afternoon training game.
The first memorable moment of the first half was in the 24th minute with a counter-attack by Žarkovo. Guzina ran up and crossed to the middle, Čudić was about to receive it, but the cross was a bit too long it ended with goal-kick.
Partizan was doing fine. Yes, we possessed the ball more, yes, we forced Žarkovo to play bunker football for most of the time. And yes, we had attempts. But either the goalkeeper saved or the defenders blocked us and in fact none of them were too spectacular. There was no pace and even less excitement (during the first half I blanked a rewritable CD, burned an ISO-file on it and still nothing happened on the pitch). We were passing the ball around and the whole picture of the game was totally dull including players.
The next memorable moment was when Vulićević got injured around the 30th minute and Milan Radin could debute.

Milan Radin

Milenković got the captain’s armband

Then we continued to pass around the penalty area. Sometimes we had a not too determined shot, but none of them were on target. Nothing else happened. In the 38th minute Jevtović thought to speed things up, he ran up on the right side, crossed, but Đurđić was too much behind. Then Mihajlović shot at the end of an attempt, it was too high.
We took the lead in the beginning of the second half. Bojinov, who functioned mostly as a success experience for Žarkovo-defenders in the first half (i.e. Žarkovo’s defenders could see that even a League 3 player can run off or tackle a Partizan-striker), so, Bojinov was especially lucky, because after a cross Đurđić forwarded the ball to him, the Sloth was at the right time at the right place and he succeeded not to shoot the ball out of the pitch from 3 stepts as he usually does, but instead he could force it into the box. 0:1 (Then he got a yellow card, because he made obscene gestures to Žarkovo’s fans. Very well, very well. Not just sluggish, but also a yokel. Bravo.)
Then... We were still around the penalty area, passing around, trying, but we could never finish any action. As if nobody had enough courage to shoot.

Yea. We had to sell out Kojić, Škuletić, Lazović, Šaponjić, Andrija Živković... shall I go on with the names? That’s what happens when a talentless, moron sports director signs players whose expiration date has passed long ago.

In the 69th minute Guzina shot too high after a throw-in. Then he tried again, attacked, the substitute’s substitute goalkeeper Stevanović (who was tolled from Čukarički to here, this was his first time in the starting eleven, right?...) ran out of the goalmouth and saved.
Then in the 71st minute Bojinov made a miracle. He scored another goal. Mihajlović crossed from the left, Bojinov made a fly-kick from a sharp angle and could kick the ball into the box. Sometimes he does surprise me by doing things that remind of football.
Žarkov had one more big chance in the 81st minute after a corner-kick. Guzina headed it, it was too wide, then in the 85th mintue Mihajlović shot from the distance, it was also too wide. Radin had one more try in the extra time (90+2.), too high, then the referee made our sufferings an end.


Venue: FK Rad stadium, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1500
Official: Dragan Čolović (assistants: Nenad Kurčubić, Nikola Đorović - 4th official: Marko Srećković)

FK Žarkovo: Marković, Aničić, Stojanović, Kričak, Milanović, Bainović, Rajić (Vujović, 82.), Basara, Guzina, A. Stevanović (Petrović, 75.), Čudić (Janković, 64.)
Head coach: Dejan Rađenović

FK Partizan: N. Stevanović, Vulićević (Radin, 32.), Bogosavac, Ostojić, Milenković, Jevtović (Miletić 58.), Kosović, Mihajlović, Janković, Đurđić, Bojinov (Damjanović, 75.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorer: Bojinov (48., 71.)
Yellow card: Bojinov (49.)


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