Saturday, February 4, 2017

Back again

It has been long since I've been here.
I had the reasons, I won't share them here though, they are not this blog's concern. Nevertheless now I try to galvanize some life into it.
Let's see how things are going for Partizan right now.
The football team is doing their winter training sessions. They are in Cyprus now on a training camp, they will play a friendly game today against Atlantas from Lithuania.
Two new players arrived at the team, one of them is Léandre Tawamba from Cameroon, the other is Mohamed El-Monir from Libya. The first one is a striker, the latter is a centre back. We'll see whether they'll find their place in Partizan. Meanwhile Gregor Balažic left, Alen Stevanović and Valeri Bojinov were (are?) about to take a leave as well. The first one was supposed to be sold to Turkey, the plan failed. The latter had numerous options, but nobody knows why he was finally off the list in Kazakhstan as well as in Turkey and Greece.
The basketball team is playing in ABA League as well as Champions League founded last year. The performance is, well, changing, to say the least, both on team and individual level. Either we make hugely struggling games, pressuring victory out in the very last minute or catastrophal defeats are on the line. Sometimes we can make a confident win. Sometimes. My latest blogposts were quite negative about the basketball team, my approach didn’t really change in the meantime, to be honest. Though I’ve been trying to be optimistic. Tomorrow at 18:00 we play eternal derby with Zvezda, we have only option, to overrun them and win with a victory to remember.
In the other sections our performance is, well, how should I say it to stay presentable?, a bit struggling. So to speak. Teams are on an almost-amateur level. If I see well, the handball league is having a winter break, Partizan is 7th (in the 12-member league). Part of the team have left, Lazar Kukić signed to La Rioja in Spain, while Igor Mršulja left for Volendam in the Netherlands. What could I say?... I understand them.
The volleyball team has got worse conditions. They are 8th (the league consists of 10 teams), I have absolutely knowledge about what could happen to them (other than key players left and they are totally out of money). If I'm not wrong, they will play against Radnički tomorrow. I hope there will be enough information available, so I can make a blogpost about it.
As for the water polo team, it’s like a cabaret. There is no heating in the Banjica swimming pool for almost a month (!!!), the team had to resettle in Budapest (!!!) to be able to continue working. This fuss appears in the team’s performance, we lost our previous 5 games both in Triglav Liga and Champions League. (We lost yesterday against Vojvodina in the regional league to 9:5, we are 6th after 10 rounds. Oh, my God...)
The rest of the sections? Absolutely no info.
Nevertheless from now on I try to update this blog again (more or less) regularly. Just the usual, with hard comments, notes and reflections. Emotional outbursts, defibrillator and everything else.


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