Sunday, February 26, 2017

FK Partizan - Borac 2:1 (superliga, round 23)

Dear everyone,
no beautifying, no cosmetics, no retouch, just the raw honesty: This. Was. One. Fucking. Goddamn. Great. Game.
It was exciting, it had a great pace and most of all, we played very well.
Fans hung this banner before the game supporting Everton after that racist incident. Svi smo mi, Evi - we are all Evi (Everton).

In the first half we controlled the game. Borac got stuck in their half playing bunker football. They crossed the half-line first time around the 13th minute. (But even that didn’t last long.) The first 20 minutes didn’t bring any considerable attempt, "only" very heavy Partizan-domination. Borac sometimes tried with a counter-attack, with no success. Practically all their players tried to make traffic around their penalty area for Partizan-players.
Not as if that would have helped.
In the 26th minute Vulićević crossed from the right. Kosović, who celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday, arrived at the best time, shot and scored. GOAAALLLL! 1:0


Borac tried over and over again with counter-attacks, but they all died off, they didn’t even reach our penalty area. Meanwhile in the 32nd minute Janković had a great solo running up. He shot, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 34th minute we got a penalty kick. Someone among Borac’s players (probably Ignjatijević) pushed Janković down to the ground. The referee immediately whistled it off and pointed at the white spot. Leonardo stood behind the ball...

...and made it perfect. 2:0

Janković again tried with a shot in the 33rd minute, but again the goalkeeper saved it. A minute later after a huge fault of Borac’s defense line Leonardo grabbed the ball, but finally defenders could tackle him.
Borac’s first attempt to mention was in the 41st minute.  After a corner kick (this was Borac’s first corner kick...) Tiago shot, Kljajić saved, then right there Stefan Mihajlović had another shot, Kljajić saved this one as well.

Tawamba was active, if only he could score

In the second half Borac opened and attacked more, played braver, the game become much more open - another thing is that Partizan still controlled the game. There was a penalty-suspicious case in the 54th minute, again Janković was pushed to the ground, but the referee didn’t whistle it off.
In the 60th minute Leonardo dribbled through the penalty area, he shot, the defenders blocked, it ended with a corner-kick. Three minutes later Tawamba got a pass from Leonardo, he made a cannon shot, pity it was too high.
Borac got a penalty kick in the 65th minute. Janković kicked Tiago to the ground inside the penalty area. Stefan Mihajlović stood behind the ball, he scored, 2:1.

Two minutes later Tiago thought to push the limits. He shot, but it was too wide.
We got a free kick in the 73rd minute, about 17-18 metres from the box. Leonardo shot, the goalkeeper had a big save. Nemanja Mihajlović had a great solo in the 77th minute on the left side. He dribbled to the penalty area and passed to Janković, he shot, too high. A minute later again Neca ran up on the left, this time he himself shot, the goalkeeper saved.

Borac had only one attempt, Punoševac had a shot in the 84th minute, it was too high.

Svi kao jedan - All for one

There was a small celebration in the locker room. The team greeted Nebojša Kosović for his birthday -  Kosović scored himself a birthday gift goal, but after the match he got a cake from the Captain.


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2500
Official: Ilija Brdar (assistants: Svetozar Živin, Jovica Milin - 4th official: Róbert Kis-Csepegi)

FK Partizan: Kljajić, Vulićević, Milenković, Ostojić, Miletić, Kosović, Jevtović, Janković (S. Ilić, 89.), N. Mihajlović (Đuričkovć, 85.), Leonardo, Tawamba (Jovanović, 90.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Borac: Mišić, Ignjatijević, Marković, Drašković, Kostić (Zoćević, 67.), Marčić (Delić, 46.), Marinković, Tiago, S. Mihajlović, Jovanović (Punoševac, 76.), Živanović
Head coach: Mladen Dodić

Goal scorers: Kosović (26.), Leonardo (34. - pen.), S. Mihajlović (65. - pen.)
Yellow card: Marković (55.), Punoševac (90+2.)


League table will be brought tomorrow.

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