Sunday, February 5, 2017

KK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 86:81 (ABA Liga, round 21)

I seriously couldn’t pick a better return than this derby.
What a great game it was. Just GREAT. Big fight, huge battle, no idle moments. Marinković flashed right at the beginning with a 3-pointer.

Then Birčević also had his moment.

The referees were awful. I was ashamed seeing them. Majstorović had 3 fouls (!!!) for the middle of the first quarter. We were leading though. Our advantage was always 2-3 points, but we kept the lead in our hands. Zvezda sometimes equalized, but they could never step ahead of us. The referees fouled us a million times, Zvezda got the usual gift free throws, in fact they could score almost only from free throws. Their attempts for field goal failed. The first quarter ended with 21:17, Andrić scored a fantastic 3-pointer 1 second before the buzz.

Jamont Gordon

The gate for technical fouls opened in the second quarter. The first lucky winner was Zvezda’s head coach right in the beginning, meanwhile on the court the referees fouled us even when our players just took a breath - but when Luković was pushed around the paint, that was no foul... The second part brought an intense, great game with a lot of battles. Fans were chanting the most vulgar rhythms, but if a team’s president is a mafioso, they have to bear the consequences. The standing was 46:46 in the half-time.

Stefan Birčević

Zvezda took the lead in the third quarter. Their advantage wasn’t much, only 2-3 points, yet we always equalized. And again we got A LOT OF FOULS. Just too many. Simple foul, unsportsmanlike foul, while Simonović was the next lucky winner of a technical one. (I’m not sure, if it was at this point or later/earlier, but he had to leave the court as well.) Zvezda took back the lead one and a half minutes before the end buzz and they kept it. The third part brought the standing of 67:72.

Novica Veličković and Miloš Koprivica try to stop Gudurić

The fourth quarter was the same like the previous three as the referees kept on fouling us. Zvezda was still leading (69:73), but then came Veličković and Hatcher, and they were not leading anymore (73:73). Marinković came and it was again us who were leading. (76:73)

From then on we didn’t let control out of our hands. Zvezda had a lot of mistakes, the ball always rebounded from the ring, when they had an attempt. Lazić got fouled out after pushing Hatcher to the court. Luka Mitrović was the next winner of a technical foul... chaos emerged in the lines of the opponent. We were leading. The standing was 83:78, less than one and a half minutes were left, when Hatcher got the ball. He was quite a few steps out of the 3-point-line, but Hatch threw the ball.
Because Hatcher is a ballsy Partizan-kid.
Did he score?

Zvezda squeezed out 3 more points for themselves, Mitrović was fouled out, but all these didn’t matter at all.
Nothing mattered.
We won.

William Hatcher, one of the heroes of the day


KK Partizan: Ratkovica (11), Vrabac (2), Marinković (13), Veličković (11), Majstorović (4), Birčević (16), Koprivica (3), Andrić (3), Hatcher (20), Pot, Gordon (3), Luković

CZ: Wolters (9), Thompson (3), Mitrović (14), Lazić (4), Simanić, Dobrić, Simonović (5), Jenkins (10), Gudurić (9), Jović (8), Kuzmić (8), Bjelica (11)

League table will be brought later.


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