Monday, February 20, 2017

Crvena Zvezda - KK Partizan 74:64 (Korać Cup, final)

Don’t ask, okay?
Because I don’t know.
In fact I do. I just can’t do anything against it. As long as this system exists, nothing will change.
The first quarter was tough, Zvezda was leading at the beginning, but we still jumped from 12:6 to 12:16. The referee (Belošević, I’ll never ever forget this name, how many times he screwed us in the Serbian league as well as in ABA Liga, my God) whistled foul for such things even here that made my hair raise. Though at this point he fouled both teams more or less equally. He took on his evil face at the end of the game, but more about that later. Zvezda equalized for the end of the first quarter with clenched teeth. 23:23.
We took the lead in the second quarter (23:25, Vrabac) and kept it. It was an exciting, spectacular game, at a point Zvezda took back the lead (33:32) and we started the good old "ping pong game", one basket here, one basket there. There was tension, there was action, the two fan groups yelled vulgar chants to each other. The first half finished with 36:34, but at this point the end was very far.

The third quarter brought a bit more struggle. Zvezda was leading, but only with 1-2 points (42:40). The referee was dancing on the remaining nerves of Partizan (and their fans). It was still a ping-pong game, with a lot of mistakes on both sides and rebounds. At 47:47 Jenkins was fouled out. Zvezda played more and more rough, for some reason they seem to love this player-to-player fight.
Here at the end of the quarter Zvezda made a jump. They could even squeeze out a buzzer-beater 3-pointer at the very end. The standing was 52:47, the game stopped, because Zvezda-fans threw a firecracker that hit someone in the first row.

Certain sports media sites tried to put the blame on Partizan-fans, even if quite a number of photos proved that Zvezda-fans occupied that tribune of the sports hall. It was them, too, who tried to set the hall on fire during the game.
And Sportski žurnal can go and fuck itself.

The fourth quarter was a nightmare.
I really don’t know what happened. Zvezda gathered full speed. They might have licked uranium rods from under the bench, or something. They looked like a team on doping. We blinked twice and they were ahead with 10 (!!!) points. The standing was 57:47 and somehow everything conspired against us. Zvezda, the referees, the fans, even that goddamned ball that just had to rebound every goddamn time. We struggled, it was very hard. Zvezda increased the difference (62:49). The atmosphere was very tensed, the two teams almost got into a fight. Nothing worked, all our attempts rebounded, the referees whistled on us every single foul. At 72:59, when there were less than 2 and a half minutes left, it was clear that all we could do was to die with our chins up.
That was all we could do.

Crvena Zvezda: Wolters, Thompson (15), Mitrović (12), Lazić (1), Dobrić (1), Simonović (18), Rakićević, Jenkins, Gudurić (18), Jović (5), Kuzmić (2), Bjelica (2)

KK Partizan: Ratkovica (2), Vrabac (12), Tanasković, Veličković (9), Majstorović (2), Birčević (11), Andrić (8), Pot (6), Gordon (8), Luković (6)


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