Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mega Leks - KK Partizan 65:77 (Korać Cup, semifinal)

Compared to last year’s Korać Cup final, when Mega Leks tore us into two, this time we had a disorganised, indisposed opponent.

In the quarterfinal we played with KK Dunav. That was an easy 80:60, Dunav seemed to be a likable, hard-working team. I wrote no blogpost about that game, a virus knocked me out so heavily that I was about to pop out last night.

The first quarter was smooth. We were leading to 3:10. Then to 5:15, even to 5:17. Then Mega started to come up slowly, step by step. They made a 9:3 series (only Veličković scored from us, it was a 3-pointer), the standing was 14:20 for the end of the quarter.

Mega jumped to 17:20 in the second quarter, from then on they were right behind us, squeezing our throats. We could make it ahead with only 2-3 points, at once they even equalized (24:24). In the second part of the quarter we tried to slip out of their grip (31:36), but they immediately jumped back and we could feel their breath on the back of our necks again. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, 3-pointers were especially miserably missed out on both sides. At this point it seemed, we’d have a hard, tough, sweaty game with Team Sremska Mitrovica. The half-time result was 36:39.

The machine started to work - creaking, crunching, grinding, but it did start. Our advantage grew back to 10 points (38:48). Mega Leks was not on the top of their performance, to say the least, and as the game passed, it was visible even with half an eye.

We played with the style that has been characteristic for us in the past months, a totally puritan, no-frills, no-tricks, plain performance, though it seemed that this plainness was enough right then, against this Mega Leks.

The quarter finished with 49:62, Veličković scored a 3-pointer buzzer-beater at the end.

In the last quarter we almost achieved the 20-point difference (54:73), meanwhile two players were fouled out - Tejić from Mega, and Gordon from us. It was around the middle of the quarter when Mega realized they should actually play - they jumped to 60:73, but there was less than 3 minutes left from the game. We made 4 more points (Veličković + Ratkovica), and tomorrow at 21:00 we play the final with the Čović Works (aka Crvena Zvezda)

KK Partizan: Ratkovica (11), Vrabac (5), Tanasković, Veličković (19), Majstorović (6), Birčević (8), Andrić (3), Pot (4), Gordon (10), Luković (11)

Mega Leks: Mushidi (2), Rebić (6), Jaramaz (23), Spasojević, Kaba (12), Zagorac (4), Simeunović, Tejić (6), Novak (10), Kapetanović, Marelja, Samardžiski (2)


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