Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rad - FK Partizan 0:1 (superliga, round 22)

It was supposed to be a great day, the football season started after a long winter break, but the joy was destroyed.

First it was painful and sad to see Nikola Drinčić wearing the jersey of Rad. His team is Partizan. Period.
The second one comes later.

Drinčić (16) greets Ostojić after the game

The beginning of the match brought a combative, enjoyable football. Partizan was the brave one, we attacked first - in the 4th minute Miletić crossed from the left, Leonardo pushed it ahead, Đurđević shot, it was too wide. Rad had their first attempt in the 11th minute, which ended with a corner kick. After a big goalmouth scramble our defenders kicked the ball downfield.
The two opponents carefully tried each other, the first really dangerous attempt was in the 13th minute. Rad attacked, the ball dropped to Miletić, who, for some reason (Partizan’s penalty area was abounded with Rad-players) decided to head the ball home. Lukovac was around, he grabbed the dropping ball - and shot it right into Kljajić.
The pace of the game slowed down. Partizan possessed the ball, but we kept on passing it backwards, not as if Rad had any useful idea what to do. Though in the 33rd minute Maraš, a defender of Rad almost scored an own goal - he pushed a Partizan-cross with the head, but he made it in such a twisted way that he almost forwarded it to his own box. Goalkeeper Filipović could touch the ball, but it was merely Rad’s luck that they survived it without an epic fail. Three minutes later Drinčić passed to Radojević, who ran up, shot but it was too high.
The pace of the game definitely slowed down. Partizan kept on passing the ball backwards, Rad didn’t mind it. One minute before the end of the first half Stevanović had one distant shot, but it was just a routine jump for the goalkeeper.

Drinčić and Jevtović

Partizan geared it up in the second half. In the meantime it started to snow in Belgrade, but it didn’t keep Milenković back from making a shoot on target. Nor Leonardo or Stevanović. And then came Uroš Đurđević and decided to take the reins. 55th minute, corner kick for Partizan. Janković made the kick, great goalmouth scramble, the ball dropped to Đurđević, who was standing at the lower right corner of the penalty area. He shot, the ball rolled and dropped through the area among the defenders and landed in the box. 0:1

It was a wake-up call for both teams. In the 59th minute Denić shot from 20 metres, but it was way too wide.
Meanwhile Rad-fans started their own little show. They had a banner with the names of those Partizan-players who used to play for Rad (Đurđević, Kljajić, Mihajlović, Ćirković) and made it clear that for them these players mentioned above are "Rad B".

FYI, idiots: this "Rad B" kicked the shit out of you today.

Partizan-fans had their quick response though, within minutes they were chanting "cigani, cigani".
In the 65th minute Mihajlović had a distant (and too high) shot. Then in the 75th minute Drinčić had a shoot on target after a free kick. Kljajić had a great save (other sources say Drinčić hit the goalpost). Immediate counter-attack by Partizan, Leonardo possessed the ball and sent a long pass to Đurđević. Đurđević ran up, leaving everyone behind him (only one defender was running a few steps behind him), even the goalkeeper ran out of the goalmouth. Đurđević dribbled the goalkeeper and ran ahead all alone towards the empty box. He shot - and hit the goalpost.
In the last 10-15 minutes Rad pressured hard and attacked a lot, they wanted to equalize. They couldn’t.
After the final whistle hell broke loose. Rad-fans had racist insults towards Everton from the beginning of the second half. When the match ended, Everton ran to the tribune with all those from United Force and made them clear what he thinks of them and what they should do with themselves.

Honestly? I have no idea what I would have done if I were Everton. Maybe I would have also told the whole tribune to fuck themselves.
Other than this, those racist Rad-fan idiots can really fuck themselves.

And after all these the referee gave Everton a yellow card, but the toughest was still left. Four Rad-players - Ćulum, Denić, Ljubinković and Maraš - attacked Everton and started to fight with him. It ended in a scuffle, the bench of both teams joined as well, finally the gendarmerie had to redd the two teams. Everton left the pitch in tears.



Venue: Stadium Kralj Petar I, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2000
Official: Srđan Jovanović (assistants: Uroš Stojković, Dragan Bogićević - 4th official: Marko Popović)

Rad: Filipović - Ljubinković, Maraš, Pajović, Radivojević - Drinčić, Ćulum (Dimitrijević, 60.) - Lutovac, Denić, Rodić (Petković, 72.) - Đenić (Milošev, 60.)
Head coach: Nebojša Petrović

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, Milenković, Ostojić, Miletić - Janković (Mihajlović, 61.), Everton, Jevtović, Stevanović (S. Ilić, 85.) - Đurđević, Leonardo (Tawamba, 89.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorer: Đurđević (55.)
Yellow cards: Ostojić (20.), Milenković (57.), Pajović (68.), Maraš (81.), Đurđević (89.), Everton (90.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 57 points
2. Partizan 51 points
3. Vojvodina 48 points
4. Mladost 37 points
5. Napredak 36 points
6. Javor 32 points
7. Radnički Niš 30 points
8. Spartak 30 points
9. FK Voždovac 28 points
10. Rad 24 points
11. Čukarički 23 points
12. Metalac 22 points*
13. Radnik 20 points*
14. OFK Bačka 18 points
15. Borac 18 points
16. Novi Pazar 12 points

*The game between Metalac and Radnik was postponed due to weather conditions.


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