Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The echoes of the Rad - FK Partizan football game

I still want to throw up after Sunday's Rad - Partizan football game. I've been watching football for decades, I have seen quite a number of scandalous fan atrocities, vulgar yellings and disgusting banners. I know how very primitive football fans can be and sometimes I think there's nothing new under the sky for me.
How wrong I am.
I have to add, I know well that Everton is not an easy person to handle. It happened not just once that he had a fight during games, phyiscally and verbally. But the brutal primitiveness of Rad-fans blew my fuses. Seeing this big, hard-as-rock player coming off the pitch crying was just too much.
The story was picked up by world press. The Sun, Mirror, Deutsche Welle, Welt, Spiegel, BBC, Dutch RTL, O Globo and even Associated Press reported about it, and now everyone is discussing int from Great Britain through Germany, Austria to Brazil, Paraguay and India.
After all these Rad had a totally pointless press release, where they push all the responsibility to Everton, additionally they were freaked out by the "media hype" that surrounds them.
There is only one reasonable answer to this.
Go and fuck yourselves.
Taking responsibility? Disavowal of racism? Or maybe something like "we are sorry for what happened"? No way! Just running away and ostrich policy.
So this means that you at Rad's leadership agree with those racist insults and you are also a bunch of fascist, neo-Nazi asshole, just like those morons at United Force.
(Meanwhile the players of Rad also had a press release. This one is a bit better than the one by the management, because at least they express their apologies and they even disavow from racism, but they still made martyrs of themselves a bit. Their press release is still a thousand times better than the other one shat forced out by the team leadership.)
Partizan also had a press release, the team disavow itself from all sorts of racism and express their support for Everton.
The Serbian Football Association meanwhile locked up Rad's stadium "until further action", so everyone from United Force can go ditching to make themselves useful.

I seriously hope they will get punished so much that they can tell it even to their grandkids.

Solution? I don't know how this situation could be solved. Obviously first and foremost all racist slurs must be punished very seriously, even with jail. Applying judicial circumstances are essential. And certain fan circles must not be allowed to be more equal than anyone else.
Until then we should take care of each other.

The two images that circulated the whole world for now: Everton in tears...

...and Kljajić comforting him.

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