Friday, October 17, 2014

Coming up: Eternal Derby. Tomorrow.

The day has come.
Tomorrow. Ul. Humska. 18th October, 19:00.
Partizan - Crvena Zvezda. For the 147th time.
The usual media warfare has already started. Red team's trainer had a media appearance where he was seemingly full of self-confidence. Marko Nikolić’s reacton was a dry smile.
- An eternal derby has no "favourite teams" - he said. - Our opponent is a highly qualified team, they are dangerous practically on the whole area of the field. We are well prepared for their greatest weapon, namely quick and aggressive counter-attacks.
The trainer told, Brašanac and Ostojić are still injured, while neither Drinčić, nor Kojić can be expected to give maximum performance. He didn’t answered those questions either that enquired about the team’s upcoming Europa League match.
- I’m not thinking about that right now - Nikolić said. - At this moment the most prestigious match is in front of us. We don’t think of anything else now. Such a derby is always special. We want to win. Even a draw is unacceptable.
- We already trained on the new grass - he suggested that Partizan would play their first official match this Saturday on the new ground. - I have to say, we are proud of it. Maybe now, in the 21st century such is not something people are proud of, yet it still mirrors our current situation.
The scandalous Serbia - Albania match was also mentioned.
- We are preparing the usual way - said the head coach, making it clear that national team matches are out of question at trainings. - I don’t know how players personally took it. As much as I can see, everyone is preparing in the appropriate manner.

The referee of the match will be Milorad Mažić. Partizan released an official statement where they ask the fans of both sides to support their teams in the spirit of fair play, free from racist manifestations, not to be taken in by third party provocations. "The European football world is focusing on Serbia now. We must show them we can support our teams with sportsmanlike spirit", they said in the statement.

The match will be broadcasted live by ArenaSport 1. As preparing for the derby they will re-run the 144th and 146th eternal derby from 12:30. (First was when Partizan won with Jojić’s HUGE goal in the 89th minute to 1:0, the other was when Lukač saved two penalties and we won by 2:1.)
And now listen to Saša Ilić.

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