Monday, October 6, 2014

VK Partizan - Radnički Kragujevac 4:8 (Trglav League, Round 1)

Fact, we were humiliated by Radnički in the Banjica sport complex. The smash right into the face was home-delivered.
In the first quarter we were on the lead. The result was 1:0, thanks to Jakšić, then in the 2nd part the guest team turned it by Trajković and Ćirić (1:2). It shook up a bit the otherwise uneventful game. The only problem was that Kragujevac started to score goals... Vuksanović and Marko Ćuk were not much gentle with the young Partizan team. Still, the home team replied with two goals. The last quarter brought three more Radnički-goals, Partizan scored only one.
Partizan’s best player was Jakšić with 2 goals. Đorđe Lazić and Gilen both scored 1-1. Among Radnički-players Trajković and Ćuk scored 2-2 goals, Ćirić, Petković, Vuksanović and Marković all added 1-1 goals to the result.

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