Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lietuvos Rytas - KK Partizan NIS 92:65 (Eurocup Round 1)

It took this long to pick myself together to be able to write something about last night. Again a big slap, right on our face. The Lithuanian team's advantage was out of question for the whole time, and yes, Duško Vujošević's prediction came true. These almost 30 points are still a low blow for everyone.
I'll be honest: I can't really say anything about it. Every moment of the game was like a torture, the team couldn't find the pace, while Lithuanians were ruthless. It says all that in the 4th quarter the head coach yelled the whole team off.

The facial expression of Andrić, Bezbradica and Milutinov says it all as well...
In the first quarter we could somehow keep the pace, but even then the opponent was ahead of us. For the second part they were already miles away, their advantage was 20 points in the half time.
Let's not talk about the rest.

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