Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dick Advocaat - when the name perfectly fits the person who wears it

The situation is given: tonight Serbia plays an European Championship qualifying game against Albania. (The match will be held in Partizan Stadium.) This match is not just a simple qualifying but for more reasons it's rather a war-like battle, a prestige for both teams. The Serbian national team is very seriously motivated - and after all these, Serbian national team coach Dick Advocaat announces just a few hours before the match that the most talented Serbian striker, Partizan's former and Anderlecht's current goal scorer, 20-year-old Aleksandar "Mitrogol" Mitrović will not play tonight, because he is 'overweight and needs diet'.

The following will be NSFW.

Mr. Advocaat, you're a boor. A jerk. It was something utterly self-righteous and arrogant as well as happening in the worst possible timing. It was not the first time you speak about your employers in such an off-hand manner that makes every well-meaning person vomit from disgust. Back when you got this post you spoke about Serbian stadiums, Serbian hotels and generally about Serbia in a highly revolting and outrageous manner. Even the most innocent person wanted to tear your balls off and hang them on your ears like two withered cherries. This one now about Mitrović definitely blew the fuse. You are a disgusting asshole, Mr. Advocaat, who is clearly doing it all for money and fame, without even a pinch of committment for the Serbian national football team. It seems to be beneath your dignity to stay in Serbia, you rather play the boss from the Netherlands. Mr. Advocaat, your name perfectly fits you. If you still have a bit of self-esteem, you immediately resign and disappear from Serbian football for ever. But before that offer your apology to the Serbian public.

By the way, match starts at 20:45, RTS 1 broadcasts it live.

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