Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mladost - VK Partizan 16:8 (Triglav League)

The Croatian team kept the entire match under control, they didn’t let things slip out of their hands even for a moment. Partizan played in black, Mladost grabbed the ball after the starting sprint. At first Partizan's goalkeeper made a great save, but later on he still had to reach out into the net for the ball (1:0). Mandić equalized with a distant shot, but after a foul the opponent got a penalty and scored (2:1). After 3:1 Mandić reduced the difference, even Subotić scored (4:3). We even equalized by Gogov (4:4), but the end result of the quarter was 5:4, Mladost scoring just 7 seconds before the end.
The second quarter brought improving advantage for the home team. 6:4, then 7:4, then Subotić made it 7:5 (with the classic trick, he was swinging the ball until the goalkeeper slowly started to sink), but the reply was immediate (8:5). About 1 minute before half time Mladost’s player threw the ball into our net from a few centimetres. 9:5
The third part brought two quick goals for both sides (10:6, Stojanović made it for us), then the rest approx. 7 minutes were eventless. Missed chances, underwater wrestling. In the final quarter Croatian players scored from all possible chances. 11:6, here Tanasković threw a goal for us (11:7), then 12:7, 13:7... and so on, until the very end, when Manojlović threw the team’s 8th goal with a great backhand movement.
As they say, this was that match that must be forgotten quickly and we must focus only on the upcoming one.

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