Wednesday, October 8, 2014

VK Partizan - Branik Maribor 20:6 (Triglav League, Round 2)

In the meantime the water polo team stepped over the Slovenian team laughing hard, they probably even composed a comedy-opera. There were no circles of politeness, Partizan was leading 8:0 after the first quarter. Then they slowed down a bit, probably for energy-sparing reasons (3:1, 3:2), just to turn up themselves to full blast for the last quarter and knock out the Maribor team (6:3).
Radulović and Gogov both did their best to make this match a parade, scoring 4-4 goals. Andrejević, Manojlović and Stojanović all checkmated the Slovenian goalkeeper with 2-2 goals, while Lazić, Vučinić and Repanović all added 1-1 goals to the final result.

(photo: Večernje novosti)

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