Saturday, October 25, 2014

Coming up: Jagodina - FK Partizan tomorrow (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 10)

Partizan travels tomorrow to Jagodina to meet FK Jagodina at 17:00 - that FK Jagodina that is 12th on the current league table.
- Our entire winning superliga-series would be wasted if we stopped just now - said Marko Nikolić. - Vulićević and Brašanac are injured, as for Ilić, Ćirković and Drinčić, they are all seriously exhausted. Yet it mustn’t be any sort of excuse. The boys clearly know the importance of this game, I could see it on the faces after the match against Besiktas.
The head coach warned against drawing conclusions from the opponent's place on the league table.
- It is always a tough job for us against Jagodina. They are highly motivated every time they play against us, also they have an excellent trainer. As for us, we are a bit worn out after the eternal derby and the Besiktas-match - Nikolić explained. - So, this time we need such an amount of motivation against Jagodina that is almost abnormal.
The trainer talked about young Miladin Stevanović, who debuted at the game against Besiktas.
- I did not have any doubts about him for a moment, he has the appropriate mentality to play in the senior team. He is calm and confident, he passed the exam - Nikolić pointed at the possibility that Stevanović might be the substitute for Vulićević from now on.

ArenaSport 1 will broadcast the match live.

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