Monday, October 13, 2014

RK Partizan - Metaloplastika 27:27 (Serbian handball superleague, Round 4)

I want to thank posteriorly to all whom it may concern NOT to mention this match at anywhere and I had to dive to the depths of internet again to be able to identify (more or less) the details of this match. I'm fed up that seemingly really nobody cares about the handball superleague, the team's Facebook-page has also been deleted, the update of their website isn't always up to date, to say the least, e.g. the players of the 2014/15 season are still not listed. No, I do not understand at all and I do not apologize for this rant. Goddamn it, at least try to respect the team and refresh the site regularly. Even if you're in pieces, both financially and morally. There are fans who do care about the team. (Just like those 300 people who visited today the Banjica sports hall.)
As for the facts: the result was a draw, though at the halftime the guest team was ahead with 2, to 13:15. The hero of the day was young Lazar Kukić, scoring 6 goals.


He was followed by Ilić and Sretenović, both scoring 5 goals, then Jovanović and Radojković (3-3). 2-2 goals were scored by Pešić and Mršulja, and Popović also earned 1, just to make everything alright.

Current championship standings:

1. Metaloplastika 6 points
2. CZ 5 points
3. Železničar 5 points*
4. Požarevac 4 points*
5. Jugović 4 points
6. Spartak Vojput 4 points
7. Partizan 4 points
8. Rudar Kostolac 3 points
9. Planinka 3 points
10. Kolubara 0 point

Those marked with * played only 3 matches.

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