Friday, July 22, 2016

A tsunami of stupid in the press after yesterday's elimination (NSFW)

Catastrophal defeat yesterday, flood of idiotism today. Iliev, Vazura and the whole gang overtook the forever-ready-for-some-gossip press and loaded a pile of shit to the by default angry and bitter fans. Iliev told to Mozzartsport (you can read it here if you want...) that

The management is not responsible for the defeat. They did all they could to support the team. They tried to live up to expectations on every field. In my opinion they are innocent. They never caught up in the business part, they always had a positive attitude and ensured excellent circumstances for the team. That's how it should be. Well, unfortunately we had no luck.

Wait, wait, it's still not the end. Here comes the self-polishing.
I still take responsibility for my work. I'm expected to give the maximum, so I give the maximum. [...] And again I repeat, we did not lose, we just couldn't qualify.

Yea. Sure. You are not mental either, you just ran out of your medicines, right?...
Afterwards the Fantastic Sports Director told that the management still supports the head coach.
Our team is continuously improving, technically, physically and morally.

Don't laugh!...

In the past six months Ivan achieved everything a head coach can achieve, he won the Cup, he finished on the second place of the championship. Now he had an excellent preparation with the team, we could see the result at the first match against the Poles.

Yea, fucktard, absolutely. We did. The problem is that it should have been seen on the second game, you sicko. We can stick the first match right up into our ass.

Unfortunately we are hostages of the final result.

Yes. It did get released like this, publicly. "Nažalost, taoci smo rezultata." He did say this, he had the courage to speak like this. FUCK YOU, ILIEV! GET OUT OF PARTIZAN, NEVER EVER COME NEARBY EVER IN YOUR LIFE! You fucking, mentally retarded Vazura-servant, you can thank your guardian angel if your head won't be torn off by angry fans! (Yet you'd deserve it...)

The best is yet to come.
Vazura threw this up from himself, to the press.
I repeat, Europe is not a priority.

Yes. He said that. Europe is not a priority. I put the screenshot here, it's from, you can see it in its original form here, just click.
Take that.


That’s all I can say on this.

Meanwhile players are totally down, Janković collapsed after the game in tears.

Filip Kljajić, Partzan’s reserve goalkeeper supports Marko Janković walking off the pitch after yesterday’s defeat

It hurts, said Nemanja Mihajlović, one of the tragic heroes of the game according to I think we were better on both games, but it seems it’s not always enough. We knew we were better but we couldn’t show it on the field.

I find you a very talented youngster, but the sad truth is that you were all crap. You were fucking not better. Do you know what would have been, if you had really been better? YOU’D HAVE SCORED GOALS, GOALS!!! Not one, not just two, but many!

And now it’s time for superliga. Maybe we can score a few against Bačka Palanka and Napredak. Maybe.

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