Friday, July 22, 2016

Zaglebie - FK Partizan 0:0 - 4:3 with penalty shootout (Europa League qualifying, round 2, return match)

Well done.
We're fucked by the Poles big time. The world champion, CL-win aspirant Zaglebie Lubin

please, see the irony in it, thank you

labeled Partizan with the "rinky dink" price tag on the European football market. And let's be honest: for 210 minutes we could not score one single goal against them, because we played a brutally low level, soulless game.
It was especially a low blow after those bumptious, stuck-up statements for the press before the match. 'We came to Lublin to win', 'Partizan is the better team', 'we have optimistic expectations', blah blah blah.
Let's start it by making a few important things clear.


Ivan Tomić must immediately resign if he still has a little bit of self-respect.
As for these so-called "players", ALL of them must hand down their shirts and jerseys NOW at the team ordnance and all of them continue their career as ditchers. None of you deserve to wear Partizan's jersey, you soulless, talentless fakers!!!
And hereby I declare, that the Polish team did deserve to qualify to the next round. We can thank only to goddess Fortuna that they didn't beat the hell out of us in regular time.
That Zaglebie we saw in Belgrade, that played monotonous, boring bunker football was gone. Instead there was an aggressive, ballsy, fearless Zaglebie on the field, of where the players knew very well what they wanted and how they could achieve it. Apart from a few minutes here and there they kept control in their hands for the whole game. Partizan had no time to pass the ball around or think things over, because Poles instantly tackled them and attacked.

The starting eleven was the same as for the previous game. I bet the tactics were also the same...

Radović freaked me out not just once. He was the weakest link of the team. He was mentioned a couple of times at the beginning, but even those were about how much he was fumbling. Then he stayed invisible until he was substituted (why did that happen so late?...).

Who brought him here and why? A League 5 veterans’ game has more fire and excitement than him. Even Babović was better.

Babović is a Matthäus compared to him...

The Polish team didn’t waste their time. They attacked, ran, had target shots, when either Šaranov had to perform big saves or they missed the target just with a few centimetres. As for us, all we had was Đurđić getting injured on his head after a clash. After he started to bleed, he got a turban made from gauze on his head. That was the mark to show that he is (still) on the field, because he made absolutely no other impression at all.

In the second half Mihajlović had a few moments that are worth to mention.

The truth is that our FIRST attempt was in the 82th minute. It was a 20-metre cannon shoot by Mihajlović.
Our first actual attempt on a competitive game happens in the 82th minute, only 3 days before the superliga starts.
Dissolve the team now. Get out of the pro league, everybody, NOW, and go to the amateur league. We have nothing to do among professionals.
It's a joke. Nothing more.

Nemanja Mihajlović

And then Radović was about to receive a pass, but instead he did the splits down to the grass, like an over-aged ballerina, in the middle of nowhere, being all alone. Nobody was around him. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE, TELL ME IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!
Then came 30 more minutes of this struggle.
Here came the first positive moment, because Saša Ilić joined the game after a long time (substituting Radović). We immediately had a chance afterwards, Brašanac missed it out.
I swear, after a while I was begging for one goal. One single goal. It didn’t even matter to me who scores it, just make this shit end and let’s go back home.
They didn’t score.
Kubicki missed out an attempt, then Vlahović couldn’t find the target (Brašanac had a shot from the left, but his attempt was saved by the goalkeeper. He couldn’t grab the ball, it dropped to Partizan’s young striker, but he missed it out as well.)
Penalty shootout.
First came Brašanac. He shot it too high. 0:0
Then came Janus, he scored. 1:0
Next Saša Ilić. Calm and professional, as always. 1:1
Guldan. Easily. 2:1
Đuričković. Him too. 2:2
Todorovski. Šaranov saved it!!! 2:2
Janković. 2:3
Wozniak. 3:3
Mihajlović. He missed it!... He shot, the goalkeeper could touch it and pushed it to the goalpost. 3:3...
Last man. Vlasko. He ran up... and scored.
The end. Goodbye, Europe.

You can watch the penalty shootout here. At the end Janković collapsed :(


Venue: Stadium Zaglebie, Lubin, Poland
Number of spectators: 7000
Official: Anatoliy Abdula (assistants: Serhiy Bekker, Oleg Pluzhnyk - 4th official: Oleksandr Derdo) - UKR

Zaglebie: Polaček - Todorovski, Guldan, Dabrowski, Čotra - K. Piatek (Tosik, 101.), Kubicki - Wozniak, Rakowski (Vlasko, 61.), Janoszka (Janus, 74.) - L. Piatek
Head coach: Piotr Stokowiec

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Vulićević, Milenković, Gogoua, Bogosavac (Đuričković, 120+1.) - Janković, Brašanac, Everton, Radović (Saša Ilić, 91.), Mihajlović - Đurđić (Vlahović, 70.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Yellow cards: Čotra (6.), Wozniak (32.), Dabrowski (57.), Janoszka (72.), Radović (88.), Everton (103.)


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