Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Živković-saga - final chapter

The news was like a bomb exploding

definitely a much bigger bomb than those announced by everyone’s favourite (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) sports director, Ivica Iliev at every single goddamn transfer

Andrija Živković has signed to SL Benfica until 2021.
I still think it was more or less expected. After those this kid had to go through this winter it would have been a miracle if he stayed at ul. Humska. Or rather at Teleoptik, where he was sent to exile for the entire spring season by Partizan’s leadership.
It was also no surprise that Živković will wait silently until his contract with Partizan expires - it happened on 30th June - then he immediately packs his suitcases and travels to the nearest big team and signs to them for at least 4-5 years, while fanfares flourish hymns all around.

Honestly? I can absolutely understand him. What is more, I would probably have done the same if I was him. After he was dragged through the mire, tainted, threatened and lied, even I wouldn’t have been willing to co-operate with these thieves in the management.

What is more, after Živković’s contract has expired, Benfica did not have to pay a single cent for the boy, who is worth 6,5 million euros according to Transfermarkt. Though some rumours speak about 4 million (or even 5 million) euros Živković got for his signature, not a single cent from this amount will reach the bank accounts at ul. Humska.
So, dear everyone in the management, from Iliev through the fat lard Vazura to the corrupted Vuletić, you can eat shit now. You wasted a wonderfully talented, young player, whose heart and soul were for Partizan only. You wasted him, because you were way too selfish and thought you can do anything without consequences. You deserve it all.

I wish you to be VERY successful at Benfica. Conquer the hearts of fans there, play, dribble, score goals, show them what a talent you are. Improve as much as it’s just possible, bring the best out of yourself. Be a world class player. I wish you to be mentioned together with players like Alessandro Del Piero, Eric Cantona, Paolo Maldini or Marco Van Basten. Be the role model for children from Serbia through Japan to Chile. You deserve it. And then, please, return to Partizan! Until then we try to clean the club from this sicko leadership.
Good luck!
PS: Give our regards to Šaponja :)

Finally a few photos about Živković undergoing medical examinations by Benfica’s team doctors:

(photos: Facebook/Sporting Lisboa e Benfica)

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