Sunday, July 31, 2016

Photos of the day - on the way to Rio!

The Olympic Games start next week. Everyone will be there, all those who matter (and those, too, who don't) and the world will spin around Rio for two weeks.
Partizan's athletes will be there, too. A group of them departed to Rio just now.

Among them there are the athletes of Partizan Rowing Club (Veslački Klub Partizan) Nenad Beđik and Miloš Vasić (coxless pair) well as Andrija Šljukić and Marko Marjanović (double scull)

Andrea Arsović (left), athlete of Partizan Shooting Club (Streljački Klub Partizan) in 10 m air rifle and 50 m rifle in 3 positions

The entire male basketball team, incl. Milan Mačvan and Bogdan Bogdanović (if you take a good look, you can also find the beard of Miroslav Raduljica as well on the picture)

The male water polo team - you can find there Miloš Ćuk, Filip Filipović, Nikola Jakšić and Dušan Mandić

Filip Filipović saying goodbye to his family before the departure

Dušan Mandić was probably asked to watch the suitcases while the others go for a coffee (behind him is Dejan Savić, head coach of the Serbian water polo team)

They will be joined by the 3 athletes of Partizan Athletic Club (Atletski Klub Partizan): Milan Ristić (110 m hurdles), Anđelko Rističević (marathon), Vladimir Savanović (50 km walk) and Asmir Kolašinac (shot put). Cyclist Ivan Stević will also be there, former athlete of Partizan Cycling Club (Biciklistički Klub Partizan) in individual road race. Velimir "Velja" Stjepanović from Partizan Swimming Club (Plivački Klub Partizan) in 100, 200 and 400 m freestyle. And of course there will be Ana Ivanović and Nenad Zimonjić, who started their tennis career at Teniski Klub Partizan.
We will also root for tennis player Viktor Troicki and tae-kwon-do fighter Milica Mandić, because they also root for Partizan every time.


(photos: Facebook/Olimpijski Komitet Srbije)

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