Monday, August 1, 2016

Napredak - FK Partizan 2:1 (superliga, round 2)

There's nothing to say about this match.
We were a pile of shit. A pile of soulles, talentless monkeys with no ideas and no balls.
We deserved it.
There's no place for excuses. Nobody cares that the pitch was terrible, nobody cares about the referee's possible mistakes. Normally we should have won with 3-4 goals.

After all, what the hell did we expect? The team has been suffering from a heavy lack of strikers and goals, but fear no more, Ivica Iliev came up with the Big Solution.
He signed another goalkeeper.
Well done, idiot.

The first goal was scored by Napredak from penalty in the 19th minute. Šaranov fouled Gobeljić at the goalmouth, the referee’s decision for penalty was absolutely right. (The slow motion replay confirmed the foul.) Šljivić stood behind the ball, he shot and scored, as it should be. 1:0
Here we kept on trying. At the 23rd minute Mihajlović had an attempt, goalkeeper Petrović made a big save.

He was the only one who had ideas about what to do and how

Other than this Leonardo sent a free kick right to the crossbar in the 44th minute.
That's all about the first half.
The second half was even worse.
There was nothing. NOTHING. No shoot on target. No fight. No winning mentality. No running, no pace, no attack. Nothing.
Well, maybe there was a little bit of attack, or at least something that reminded of attacking (watching from distance with eyes half closed). Mihajlović ran up here and there on the left, but even he couldn’t do miracle among those fumbling handicapped ducks.

Gogoua = a miserable pile of crap
Everton = primitive idiot
Janković = overly neurotic
Leonardo = butterfly fart
Vulićević = getting slower and slower
(this last one especially makes me sad...)

Then the (non-existing) pace slowed down and turned into the most annoying knock-the-ball-around game. Prva Liga feeling... (but I'm sure even in the 2nd Serbian league there are more exciting games than this). And please, someone tell me why Mihajlović had to be substituted and especially why was Bojinov his substitute?...
Napredak’s 2nd goal came in the 71st minute. Projić shot a, well, let’s be honest, a fantastic cannon shot goal from the left corner of the penalty area. 2:0
We had a huge chance in the 82nd minute. Janković shot, but the goalkeeper saved it. Then the last 7-8 minutes were spent with desperate Partizan-atttempts. Its only result was a penalty in the 87th minute, after Šljivić thwarted Saša Ilić at the baseline

an additional assistant referee would have come to hand

and the referee gave us a penalty shot.
Time has come for Bojinov. The Bulgarian kicked the ball into the box. 2:1

After almost 360 minutes we scored the first goal of the season. From penalty.
Well done. Just well done.

As the result of the defeat and especially the terrible, atrocious performance head coach Ivan Tomić has resigned right after the game. There are no infos yet about his possible successor.

I feel for Tomić. Even a level Mourinho coach couldn’t have brought out any better performance from this line-up. This was the only possible step he could make.
Iliev, Vazura, Vučelić, Vuletić, you’re next!...

Update: upon the informations of the management would like Marko Nikolić to return to Partizan’s bench. The two other possible candidates are Vuk Rašović and Zoran Milinković.
Okay. Now wake me up, because this is surely a nightmare.


Venue: Stadium Mladost, Kruševac
Number of spectators: 7000
Official: Dejan Santrač (assistants: Dejan Petrović, Darko Savović - 4th official: Lazar Tripković)

Napredak: N. Petrović - Simonović, Frimpong, Urošević (Beljić, 85.), Projić - Šljivić, Vulić (Vukanović, 52.), Gobeljić, Varga, Markoski - N’Diaye (B. Petrović, 78.)
Head coach: Dragan Ivanović

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Vulićević, Gogoua, Ostojić, Bogosavac - Everton, S. Ilić - Janković, Leonardo (Radović, 82.), Mihajlović (Bojinov, 63.) - Vlahović (Đurđić, 73.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Šljivić (19. - pen.), Projić (71.), Bojinov (87. - pen.)
Yellow card: N’Diaye (60.), Šljivić (69.),Everton (79.), Leonardo (81.), Varga (90.)

Current championship standings:
1. Mladost 6 points
2. CZ 4 points
3. Spartak Subotica 4 points
4. FK Voždovac 4 points
5. Napredak 4 points
6. Vojvodina 3 points*
7. Radnički Niš 3 points
8. Metalac 3 points
9. Javor 2 points
10. Mladi Radnik 2 points
11. Novi Pazar 1 point*
12. Čukarički 1 point
13. FK Partizan 1 point
14. OFK Bačka 1 point
15. Borac 0 point
16. Rad 0 point

*Vojvodina and Novi Pazar have played 1 game so far


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