Saturday, August 13, 2016

XXXI. Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - Day 7, 12th August, 2016

Friday brought two games at the Olympic Games with Partizan-players. The first one was a basketball game, where the Serbian team got definitely the best team from which everyone (or almost everyone...) expects gold medal: the United States.
The fact these hamburger-fed yankees Americans could score only 3 (THREE) more points than Serbia, that's really something to be proud of. Team USA won 94:91, at a surely very heavily struggling game and I'm sure if any of their players might see again the clenching teeth and sweaty face of Bogdanović and Mačvan in their nightmares, they wake up crying, chewing on their pillows. Compared to the half time score (50:41) and to Americans still leading with 10 points in the third quarter (72:62), Serbia could make such a final that is written in the Big Book of Basketball.

Bogdan Bogdanović

...when Bogdan Bogdanović gets the grip...

Nenad Beđik and Miloš Vasić were there to support the basketball team

The basketball team is now 4th in their group - keep this place, boys, because then you will qualify to the next round!
At the evening game (early Saturday dawn CET) the Serbian and the Australian water polo teams clashed with Serbia gaining their first victory. The first quarter finished with 2:2, Serbia took the lead, then Australian equalized just 6 seconds before the end. The second quarter was tough. A lot. Australians were leading, sometimes with 2 goals (2:4) and even the half time result was for them (4:5). Then came the third quarter and a more or less square water wrestling (6:6).
Then the last quarter.
It started with 7:7.
Then it was 10:7, for Serbia. 3 minutes before the end they performed an amazing water polo show. Australians could pressure out only one single goal from themselves. The end result was 10:8 for Serbia.

Filip Filipović is teaching: see, children, this is the ball, that is. And that’s how you score a goal with it... (BOOOM!!!)

Players celebrate after the victory

The entire basketball team was there to support them

Serbia is now 4th in their group, they have only one game left, against Japan.

(photos: Facebook/Olimpijski komitet Srbije)

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