Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spartak Subotica - FK Partizan 2:1 (superliga, round 6)

We interrupt our Olympic broadcast to report about a scandalous, shitty football match, just to get on your nerves.

I really like it (not!), when everyone is so full of themselves before a game, showing off for the media about our chances, then comes such a cold shower that we can't recover from that for a week. Afterwards there is always a bullshit-tsunami in the press about "how very much we didn't deserve this defeat" - yes, you idiots, we did, absolutely, because since when can anybody win with such a terrible, soulless game?... We should be happy to survive with only 2 goals received... This crap would be unacceptable even in the Hungarian championship. Better to pull out your faces from your asses.
Not mentioning the fact that we sold out our Partizan-kids quickly before this round (Golubović signed to Sinđelić, Miladin Stevanović is sold to Turkey, while Brašanac was given away to Guimaraes for 1 million euros). As an encore Iliev announced he would sign a few more players in the near future.
That’s how you destroy a renowned football club. After all these is it still a miracle we got defeated by Spartak?...
Our matches look the same, with the same eleven talentless morons starting eleven and probably the same tactics. And every single game we attack heavily in the first 20 minutes, then we got deflated, the team becomes one grey mass that plays alibi football. We score if one of these bastards is lucky enough to push the ball into the box, then usually in the last 10 minutes we wake up and start to do something that already reminds of football. More or less.
It might be enough in Prva Liga or in the Belgrade league. But not in the superliga.

Even Saša Ilić didn’t have anything extraordinary in his performance. Only his brand-new, yellow armband with that Nike-logo made him come into sight

So, in the first 20 minutes we attacked. We wanted so much to have a quick start and a goal, but we failed. The first really big chance came in the 15th minute, when Mihajlović crossed from the right, someone headed it to the box, but the ball literally slipped on Radović’s head and flew out of the pitch.

It was so bizarre that it might even get to some New Year’s Eve compilation of football flubs, with the usual  Benny Hill theme.

Saša Ilić had a try with a distant shot in the 16th minute (too high), Mihajlović missed out another in the 19th. Then after the 20th minute Spartak, which played defensive footbal until then, started to play with more and more courage, while we slowly started to deflate.

Question of the day: why the hell does Đurđić have to be in the starting 11 every single time? The dude is a big ZERO. I don’t know what performance he has on trainings, but on matches it’s less than nothing. He had no memorable moment so far at all, I could count on one hand how many times he had any encounter with the ball during Partizan’s 8 games in this season.

In the 36th minute Mudrinski had a try with a shot to the target. (Between this and the previous one NOTHING happened.) Then Vulićević sent a distant shot to Spartak’s goal, too high.

Fans were again much more spectacular than the game

At the end of the first half the picture of the game showed a square fight

if we can talk about "fight" at all...

with no attempt on goal though.
Nor in the second half. Okay, there were two shy attempts, one by Farkaš, the other by Everton, but both were way too high. Other than these only minimalist football happened, at least by Partizan. No run. No fight. If this is the maximum they can provide, then all of them should leave ul. Humska as quickly as possible.
We made routine attacks. No fighting spirit, or just the slightest idea about what they should do. Spartak didn’t risk anything. They had one shot on target though in the 59th minute, it was distant and weak, it was maybe enough to wake up Šaranov. In the 61st minute Everton shot from the distance, the goalkeeper had a great save. Right then Bojinov shot, it was too high.
Then in the 68th minute Makarić tackled Everton, then ran up and shot from 17 minutes. Šaranov was wandering around (maybe searching for four-leaf clovers in the grass) in the goalmouth. The ball flew above him, he couldn’t even touch it and landed in the box. 1:0
In the 74th minute Balažic headed the ball on target after a corner kick. Radović pushed the ball just a bit near the goal line - nobody knows why... because this way the ball just missed the box. Plus Radović clashed with the goalkeeper (who needed medical attendance).
In the 79th minute Leonardo suddenly shot from the distance. Spartak’s goalkeeper probably fell asleep, because the ball fell into the box while he was just watching it with amazement. It pretty much looked like a "soft snap goal", but it was inside. 1:1
We couldn’t be happy with the draw too long.

And it says all that we were happy with the draw...

In the 82nd minute Milić scored Spartak’s second and winning goal. He ran up, left Partizan’s defenders behind, Šaranov ran out of the goalmouth, but Milić easily lifted the ball above his head, then he could run to celebrate. 2:1
In the last minutes Partizan desperately attacked, with absolutely no result. Just like at previous games, all our attempts were blocked by defenders. If we could somehow get through the defense line, then goalkeeper Janošević saved with a wide grin. We should say a prayer if we can stay in superliga for the next season.



Venue: Stadium "Karađorđe", Novi Sad
Number of spectators: 4000
Official: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th official: Nenad Minaković)

Spartak Subotica: Janošević, Zhuk, Anđić, Pavićević, Mudrinski (Milić, 69.), Torbica (Makarić, 53.), Ivanović (Radovanović, 85.), Bašanović, Farkaš, Ajuru, Ćalasan
Head coach: Andrei Chernishov

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Vulićević, Balažic, Milenković, Miletić, Everton, Radović, S. Ilić (Leonardo, 72.), Mihajlović (Vlahović, 67.), Đurđić (Stevanović, 54.), Bojinov
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Makarić (68.), Leonardo (79.), Milić (82.)
Yellow card: Đurđić (43.), Farkaš (63.), Bojinov (88.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 16 points
2. Vojvodina 13 points
3. Spartak Subotica 12 points
4. Metalac 10 points
5. Radnički Niš 10 points
6. FK Voždovac 10 points
7. Rad 9 points
8. Mladost 9 points
9. Napredak 8 points
10. Novi Pazar 7 points
11. FK Partizan 7 points
12. Radnik 6 points
13. Borac 5 points
14. Javor 5 points
15. Čukarički 4 points
16. OFK Bačka 1 point


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