Thursday, August 4, 2016

Marko Nikolić is Partizan’s new coach

Marko Nikolić has returned to ul. Humska. So, he could get an agreement with the management.

Yes, that same management that kicked him out last year out of the blue and substituted him with Zoran Milinković. That was the first step to this lowest point we are at now.

The past few days were mostly about whom Partizan could sign as a new head coach as soon as possible, after Ivan Tomić suddenly resigned. Rumours speak about Nikolić having tough conditions: he demanded a 3-year contract with a 10 000-euro salary per year. (The team originally wanted to sign him for one year, with the possibility to extend it for one more year. There were no infos about the financial part, but surely it was at first just a snippet compared to the amount mentioned above.)

Marko Nikolić at a match some time in 2014

I’ll be really, brutally honest now.
I don’t think he could bring out more from this current squad than his predecessors. Simply because the current squad consists of terrible players. Back then, when he was the head coach, the team was full of Partizan youth academy kids. Right now we have just a ragtime mercenary army fumbling around wearing Partizan-jersey.
Dear current management, first you’re not dear at all, second I’m just saying here near the sideline that instead of changing head coaches we should get rid of this terrible, talentless horde of players. We must kick THEM out first (followed by Iliev, because he brought these whacky pseudo footballers here).
I'm also concerned knowing that Marko Nikolić has got a special, rather headstrong style and this will make him clash often with the management, which will eventually end with him getting discharged the same inglorious way as two years ago.
I still hope I'll be proven wrong, but I'm not optimistic at all about the future.

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