Thursday, August 11, 2016

FK Javor - FK Partizan 0:2 (superliga, round 4)

Call the Patriarch. A miracle happened.
We won a match!
It’s really a miracle, considering what a terribly boring game it was.
In the beginning the team had some pace. In the 5th minute Bojinov thought he could score a goal, but the ball flew over the crossbar with just a few centimetres. Then in the 13rd minute for the biggest surprise we took the lead. Again Bojinov shot, now from the goalmouth, but he hit the crossbar. Then it fell right in front of Radović, who also shot, it was an unmissable attempt and this time the ball ended in the box. It all happened so quick

remember, it was still the beginning, we had the pace

that the cameraman of ArenaSport couldn’t follow the ball’s swift movement. 0:1

Vulićević apparently feels the weight of the moment; not just that we scored a goal from action, not just that we took the lead, but it was all achieved by Radović

This goal shook up Javor, they started to attack, but they seemed to be a bit overly careful. Nevertheless Partizan got stuck to their half for a while. The home team had a great chance in the 27th moment, but the ball hit Miletić as it was flying towards the box and dropped back downfield.
Then the pace slowed down after the 30th minute. The players were just passing the ball around, sometimes they tried with some attack-alike action, which were blocked by defenders on both sides. Our 3rd attempt on target was in the 40th minute, this time Saša Ilić had a try, no success.
There was one action left for the 45th minute, but only for Average Fan to have something to curse about: Đurđić

seriously, this guy touched the ball for the first time here

ran up. The goalkeeper ran out of the goalmouth, Đurđić dribbled away and tried to get ahead with the ball, but it rolled through the penalty area, then finished its way through the sideline.
The second half brought no action. The players were running up and down, with no attempt at all. The first trying was in the 62nd minute, a Javor-player shot, Šaranov could touch the ball, finally Balažic kicked it downfield.
Then in the 69th minute Partizan got a penalty shot. Miletić was kicked to the ground inside Javor’s penalty area, it was clearly a penalty. Mihajlović stood behind the ball, shot and scored. 0:2
From then on the match died. Ball-passing here and there, knocking it around, doing nothing. Partizan didn’t push themselves, Javor resigned themselves to the defeat. At the end there was some action though, in the 88th minute Đurđić missed out a chance

he did absolutely nothing else in the entire second half
and this soulless, talentless kangaroo cost 400 000 € 

then in the 86th minute Bjedov headed the ball to the box after a corner-kick, but he hit the crossbar. A very last attempt happened in the 91st minute, Balažic headed the ball to the box, but he also hit the crossbar instead.



Venue: City stadium, Ivanjica
Number of spectators: 2000
Official: Aleksandar Vasić (assistants: Matija Olajos-Nagy, Attila Harmat - 4th official: Nemanja Gajdobranski)

FK Javor: Đogatović - Terzić, Milović, Karišik, Amanović - Jovanović (Milisavljević, 46.), Tomanović, Đokić (Stojaković, 79.) - Gafurov, Bjedov, Dimitrić (Spremo, 60.)
Head coach: Miloš Veselinović

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Vulićević, Milenković, Balažic, Miletić - Everton - Radović (Stevanović, 88.), S. Ilić, Mihajlović - Bojinov (Brašanac, 57.), Đurđić (Vlahović, 85.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Radović (13.), Mihajlović (69. - pen.)
Yellow card: Everton (27.), Gafurov (36.), Balažic (90+4.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 10 points
2. Metalac 9 points
3. Novi Pazar 7 points
4. Vojvodina 7 points
5. Radnički Niš 7 points
6. FK Voždovac 7 points
7. Mladost 6 points
8. Radnik 5 points
9. Napredak 5 points
10. FK Javor 5 points
11. FK Partizan 4 points
12. Čukarički 4 points
13. Spartak Subotica 4 points
14. Rad 3 points
15. OFK Bačka 1 point
16. Borac 1 point

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