Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The day when 20 people were discharged from Partizan Youth Academy

Serbian news site Kurir.rs received a document signed by FK Partizan’s pork knuckle managing director Miloš Vazura. According to the document Vazura discharged twenty (20) people at Partizan’s Youth Academy by 30th June.
That Partizan Youth Academy that is well-known and well-acclaimed worldwide about their high level, high quality work, where such players started their career as Andrija Živković, Ivan Šaponjić, Aleksandar Mitrović or Lazar Marković - to name just a few from the recent past.
The discharged people are (non-exhaustive list):
Nikica Klinčarski, former winger of FK Partizan and the Yugoslav national team. Only Momčilo Vukotić wore the black and white striped jersey more than him.
Darko Tešović, FK Partizan’s player between 1993 and 1999
Zvonko Popović, played for FK Partizan in the 1980’s
Slađan Šćepović, played 121 times in FK Partizan between 1986 and 1992, scoring 22 goals
Miodrag Radović, played for FK Partizan 435 times
...and so on.
Upon Kurir.rs's information, the reason Vazura discharged these people - legends! - was because they supported Partizan presidental candidate Nenad Bjeković and not Ivan Ćurković, the candidate of the Vazura-Vučelić duo. (You can read more about it by clicking here.)
Here is the notice in question:

(source: kurir.rs)

Nothing is too expensive for Vazura when it’s about sticking to power. He is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything.
Just saying, Miloš, dude, there is a remedy for this. Both medicine and therapy. It’s never too late to ask for help. You need it badly.

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