Sunday, August 14, 2016

FK Partizan - Čukarički 1:0 (superliga, round 5)

If we see the positive side, we won again.
If we see the less positive side as well: we won with one single goal and minimal fortitude. Players kept running all around, which was probably excellent to show they do have the physical level needed, but the efficiency was again level League 4. Some players STILL play alibi football.
Čukarički tried with a shot on target in the 4th minute, it was Radonjić, if I saw his shirt number well. And that was all the action for a good 15 minutes. We had an attempt in the 17th minute, Đurđić fumbled it away after a goalmouth scrumble, then Balažic shot, but he was blocked.
Čukarički’s goalkeeper had his first work to do in the 24th minute, when Everton wanted to stir things up at their goal, but he didn’t get further from "wanted". (He shot, but the goalkeeper saved.)
Other than this, nothing. Players were running around without actual attempt or combat. Čukarički played bravely, they didn’t switch to defensive football, but none of the teams could make it up to the other’s penalty area.
The 26th minute brought the surprise. Mihajlović crossed a free kick to the goalmouth, Bojinov was right there. Being there he headed the ball to the box, and the ball dropped inside. 1:0

We played with this much effort

Mihajlović missed out a giant chance in the 30th minute. Čukarički’s entire defense line had a momentary lapse of reason, finally one of them saved by sliding into the way in the last minute.
Radović again dissolved into thin air, Đurđić seemed so that he wasn’t even on the pitch. This guy is excellent in hiding away from the ball. He tried to act only once as if he was about to score a goal, some time in the 37th minute, but even then he was offside.
Then nothing happened. So much nothing that the wrestling competition on TV (Olympic Games!) was more exciting than this. At least those athletes were really fighting... While over here there was just a lukewarm-like-footbath, powerless game, typically that kind when the luckier team wins, usually with a suddenly "found" or gift goal.
The second half was not better at all. Lack of ideas, knocking the ball around, boredom.

The thing that totally freaked me out was that everyone kicked the ball just ahead. Nothing else. It’s something even I can do. Please, tell me, can I be in Partizan’s starting 11 next week?...

We could build up an attack in the 63rd minute with blood, sweat and tears. Balažic headed it towards the box, too high. In the 71st minute substitute player Stevanović missed out a "zicer", goalkeeper Petrić had a great save. Not much later Milenković headed the ball after a corner kick, again Petrić saved, possibly even bigger.
The pace sped up maybe for the last 10 minutes, the game became fair.

No, not "good". It wasn't good. It was relatively fair, on the lower side. But at least it wasn't that nerve-rackingly boring.

Čukarički attacked, they tried to grab at least one point, then Partizan also tried to build up more attacks, to make their position fixed. It brought one attempt on both sides, first came in the 85th minute for Partizan, when someone in the goalmouth scramble pushed Balažic’s free kick with head, but Petrić saved it.

I hope he gets for this performace today at least a marble plate in Banovo Brdo.

Then Jovanović headed the ball towards the box in the 90th minute, barely missing it.

Everybody calm the fu*k down, we gained 3 points



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 4126
Official: Srđan Jovanović (assistants: Uroš Stojković, Milan Mihajlović - 4th official: Lazar Lukić)

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Vulićević, Balažic, Milenković, Miletić, Everton, S. Ilić (Brašanac, 48.), Radović, Mihajlović, Đurđić (Stevanović,  68.), Bojinov (Marjanović, 83.)
Vezetőedző: Marko Nikolić

Čukarički: Petrić, Bulatović, Živković, E. Mašović, Piasentin, Tomić, Srnić, Docić (Regan, 46.), Radonjić (Jevtić, 59.), Jovanović, Mandić (A. Mašović, 86.)
Vezetőedző: Milan Lešnjak

Gólszerző: Bojinov (26.)
Sárga lap: Piasentin (13.), E. Masović (22.), Bojinov (35.), Miletić (73.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 13 points
2. Vojvodina 10 points
3. Metalac 10 points
4. Mladost 9 points
5. FK Voždovac 8 points
6. Novi Pazar 7 points
7. Spartak Subotica 7 points
8. FK Partizan 7 points
9. Radnički Niš 7 points
10. Radnik 6 points
11. Rad 6 points
12. Napredak 5 points
13. Javor 5 points
14. Čukarički 4 points
15. Borac 2 points
16. OFK Bačka 1 point

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