Monday, August 15, 2016

XXXI. Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - Day 9, 14th August, 2016

The basketball and water polo teams have played their last matches in the group stage. In the swimming pool the water polo team won over Japan at a seemingly easy game to 12:8. In reality it could be a nightmare. At the end of the first quarter Japan was leading to 2:5.
To 2:5. Against Serbia.
Against the world and European champion Serbia.
You get what I mean.
I bet Jakšić, Filipović, Mandić and all the others will remember this even at their old age.
As if FK Partizan would be leading against Real Madrid to 3:0 in the 30th minute.
I have no idea what could be going on, I’m looking at the statistics, but I see e.g. no missed out attempt by Serbia, or overwhelmingly lots of power play for Japan. There could be a very heavy water wrestling, the Japanese team entered the game as underdogs, they knew the Olympic Games have ended for them anyway, so they just wanted to have fun.
The Serbian team equalized in the second quarter struggling. Nothing happened for about 6 minutes, then Serbs scored 3 goals in the last two minutes. In the third quarter they could finally take the lead (9:7), the world’s order was back and at the end they had a convincing win to 12:8.
Huuuhhhhh. (relieved sigh)
So, the water polo team qualified to the next round, where they’ll clash with Spain tomorrow, on 16th August at 21:30 CET.
All the best, boys!!!

The basketball team clashed with China. They won, as it just had to happen, to 90:64 and qualified to the next round. (No info yet about the upcoming opponent.)

The entire water polo team rushed from the swimming pool to the basketball hall to support the boys

National anthem

I want such a flag. Where can I get/buy/find/steal/rob one?

Ole ole ole!

(photos: Facebook/Olimpijski komitet Srbije)

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