Thursday, August 11, 2016

XXXI. Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - Day 5, 10th August, 2016

This day should rather be forgotten.
The rowing events had to be cancelled again for bad weather. It means, the Beđik-Vasić as well as the Šljukić-Marjanović duos will race for the 7-12th place on Thursday early afternoon CET.
Update: or not. The weather is again very bad in Rio, so the events are postponed to 17:40 CET.

The basketball team was defeated by France to 75:76. After a very tough first half (first quarter: 17:26, second: 36:40) Serbs took the lead in the third part (60:57), but finally the French team won with one point.

Bogdan Bogdanović’s facial expression tells it all

Bogdanović vs. Tony Parker

Saša Đorđević cannot believe his eyes

Simonović comforting Bogdanović after the game

Viktor Troicki was there to support the basketball team. Next to him stands Vlade Divac, former player of KK Partizan, currently the vice president of Sacramento Kings

Viktor Troicki in the company of Vlade Divac and Novak Đoković

The basketball team is 4th in their group. They have two games left, one against the US, and one against China, both will be more than though.

The water polo team surprisingly got defeated from Brazil to 6:5. Looking at the statistics of the game, it could be a real struggle. The first quarter seemed to be smooth (0:2 to Serbia), then the half time turned to be 3:3 from 1:3. In the third quarter the Brazilians took the lead (5:3), Serbs equalized in the last part (5:5), but then, when only 46 seconds were left, the referees gave a penalty to Brazil which decided Serbia’s fate (Duško Pijetlović had an attempt though afterwards, but the Brazilian goalkeeper, who is that Slobodan Soro, who used to be Partizan’s goalkeeper, but in the meantime was naturalized by Brazil, so, this Slobodan Soro saved Pijetlović’s shot.)

Filip Filipović is blocked, Soro is watching from the background

Dušan Mandić with the ball

And well, the truth is, that the Serbian team is very much behind in their group. They are second last, they have only 2 points. Only Japan is behind them. They have one game left against Australia, then one more against Japan, they must win both, if they want to qualfiy to the quarterfinals.

(photos: Facebook/Olimpijski komitet Srbije)

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