Monday, August 8, 2016

FK Partizan - Vojvodina 1:3 (superliga, round 3)

Marko Nikolić, former and current head coach of Partizan returned to the bench at this game. As a kind of special celebration, Vojvodina put the "cheapest on sale" price tag on the team.
Three goals. That’s how many they scored to us. Just to prevent us from falling into the trap of overconfidence.

What could one expect from a team where the starting eleven includes Valeri "Sloth" Bojinov, Miroslav "Pensioner" Radović, Gregor "Last time I played was 2 centuries ago" Balažic, Alen "Pathetic" Stevanović and Darko "Seriously out of shape" Brašanac?...

The first goal was scored in the 6th minute by Vojvodina. Honestly... It was a top class goal by Dejan Meleg. He tricked the entire Partizan defense line including Bojan Šaranov (the latter one surely didn’t know where was north and south...) then passed the ball above the heads right into the box. Stevanović was standing on the goal line and desperately tried to head it out, but instead he headed it even deeper into the net. 0:1
In the 10th minute Bojinov again, once again missed out a giant chance. All doors and windows were open, and he hit the crossbar from a few metres. If he happened not to miss out attempts, then he either got stuck in offside position every goddamn time, or he was slower than a sloth.
If we happened to attack at all. It happened a few times, and it seemed as if there was a tiny bit more spirit in them than at previous games. Still all these attempts and attacks were unsuccessful. Vojvodina’s goalkeeper was totally jobless, their defense line blocked all our actions.
The 29th minute brought the second goal by Vojvodina. One of them easily tackled Everton, then Paločević shot from the left corner of the penalty area while running past Gogoua, as if Partizan’s defender had been a lamp post, finally he kicked the ball into the box. The ball flew past the falling Šaranov and landed in the bottom right corner. 0:2

Gregor Balažic some time during the game. He was ran off by Vojvodina’s attackers

In the 43rd minute Bojinov missed out the greatest chance of the entire game by attempting from three steps, but the goalkeeper saved right on the goal line.

Vojvodina immediately came up with a counter-attack, Trujić tried, Šaranov saved.

Nikola Trujić and Gogoua. Partizan’s former striker had a great game, he attacked, ran and fought a lot. That person who formerly told that he was "too much" for Partizan, here is a message: may a brutal diarrhea catch you at a public place

In the 51st minute there was a questionable situation, when Brašanac fell on the ground at Vojvodina’s penalty area line. Many complained for penalty, but the referee waved "go ahead".

I found no slow motion replay or analyzing about it. But even if it had been a penalty, it wouldn’t have changed the final result.

We could force the ball into the box in the 63rd minute. (aka we scored) Bojinov got the ball from Vulićević, it was the most unmissable chance of all unmissable chances - though Bojinov had missed out countless chances that were thought to be unmissable. Nevertheless this time he was lucky, because he could head the ball into the box. 1:2
Yet at the upcoming attempt he got stuck in offside position, probably he didn’t want to fall out of shape.
In the 65th minute Radović landed on the ground inside Vojvodina’s penalty area. The referee again waved "go ahead", and he was right. The slow motion replay clearly showed that it was NOT a penalty.
Our attacks were still blocked by Vojvodina defenders, and as a punch line they scored again in the 75th minute. Trifunović was hanging around all alone, he immediately got a cross right there. No flag up, Trifunović ran up leaving behind our entire defense line. Then he dribbled Šaranov, shot and scored. 1:3

At this point I turned a bit lower the volume of the stream and turned on the TV, where the Olympic Games were broadcasted live. There was a table tennis game running, but even that was more exciting than this crap.

For the rest of the game we were fumbling. We didn’t have many attempts, and even those we had were blocked. In the 80th minute I could see disappointed fans slowly starting to leave the stadium... It was like a salvation when the referee whistled off the game.

Scratching your head will not make you score more goals, dude



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 7000
Official: Milan Ilić (assistants: Oliver Petrović, Miodrag Zdravković - 4th official: Nemanja Petković)

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Vulićević, Gogoua, Balažic, Bogosavac, Everton (Leonardo, 58.), Brašanac, Radović, Mihajlović (S. Ilić, 46.), A. Stevanović (Đurđić, 46.). Bojinov
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Vojvodina: Kordić, Mićić, Kovačević, Meleg (Zličić, 82.), Puškarić, Paločević (Trifunović, 66.), Babić (Jovančić, 66.), Antić, Malbašić, Miletić, Trujić
Head coach: Nenad Lalatović

Goal scorers: Meleg (6.), Paločević (29.), Bojinov (63.), Trifunović (75.)
Yellow card: Trujić (31.), Everton (35.), Bojinov (41.), Puškarić (41.), Mićić (45.), Antić (48.), Brašanac (50.), Balažic (61.) Bogosavac (74.), S. Ilić (75.), Leonardo (78.), Jovančić (80.), Kovačević (90.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 7 points
2. FK Voždovac 7 points
3. Vojvodina 6 points*
4. Radnički Niš 6 points
5. Metalac 6 points
6. Mladost 6 points
7. Javor 5 points
8. Radnik 5 points
9. Spartak Subotica 4 points
10. Novi Pazar 4 points*
11. Napredak 4 points
12. Čukarički 1 point
13. OFK Bačka 1 point
14. FK Partizan 1 point
15. Borac 0 point
16. Rad 0 point

*Vojvodina and Novi Pazar played one game less


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