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XXXI. Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - Day 15, 20th August, 2016

They won!!!
They are the best!!!

What a game it was.
They splashed into the water and sank the Croatian team. It was no question even for a moment who'll win.
The Croatians could keep the pace only in the very beginning. They equalized after 0:1, but then they couldn't. Not once.
Serbia was leading to 2:3 at the end of the first quarter. Goalkeeper Mitrović made amazing tricks and saves. He saved everything. Every possible and impossible shot. I’m sure he allowed those 7 scores into the box by fraternal sympathy. To keep those poor neighbours away from complete destruction. He saved 12 from 19 (!!!) shots.
In the half-time it was 3:6 for Serbia.
The other hero of the day was Dušan Mandić. Partizan’s former team captain was more wicked than all the devils of hell. He scored such goals that made the pool dry. Both from distance and from nearby. All you could see was the water started to boil as if you’d threw a piece of raw meat among piranhas. Then a mighty left hand raised, swung the ball, shot and scored a giant goal. Then Dušan Mandić appeared, too (belonging to the left hand mentioned above) to celebrate.


For the third half the standing was 5:9, even though Croats substituted their goalkeeper in the meantime. Josip Pavić arrived and the totally done Marko Bijač could have a rest.
Filip Filipović nevertheless had a nice welcome gift for Pavić (4:8).

It was already sure even at this point that the Croatian team needs a smaller miracle to be able even just to equalize.
For the last quarter the Croatians fell apart. The most typical moment was when the Croatian coach asked for timeout at 6:10, then when the teams returned to the pool Mandić scored just another goal. Serbs started to celebrate in the very last minute of the game already, and then when the end buzz came...

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They totally deserve to celebrate and to be celebrated.

Živko Gocić, one of the toughest players of Team Serbia could not keep his tears back on the podium. Next to him there is Dušan Mandić celebrating

And big big congratulations to the Serbian female volleyball team for their silver medal...

...and to the Serbian female basketball team for the bronze!

Predrag Danilović was there to support the basketball team... well as Saša Đorđević

(unmarked photos: Facebook/Olimpijski komitet Srbije)

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