Wednesday, August 17, 2016

XXXI. Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro - Day 11, 16th August, 2016

Serbia won its first medal at the Olympic Games!!! And it's a gold!!!
Big big congratulations and salutation to Davor Štefanek, who is the Olympic champion of Greco-Roman wrestling in 66 kg!!!
He won over Migran Arutyunyan from Armenia in the final. First the Armenian was leading to 0:1 after pushing Štefanek off the mat, but then he got a caution that brought one point for the Serbian. According to regulations in case of draw the winner will be the one who earned a point the latest and the Armenian didn't have enough time to gain any more points.

Davor Štefanek with his gold medal

During the national anthem

Yes, that’s the Serbian flag on the top... above all...

Posing for the photographers. Only Bokvadze from Georgia was willing to pose with Štefanek. The Armenian was so down by the end result that he was not willing even to shake hands. (The Azeri medalist doesn’t seem to be too happy either.)

But the gold medalist is Serbia and no one can take it away from them

As for Partizan’s athletes, the water polo team clashed with Spain in the quarterfinal and washed them off. It was an easy game, the Serbian team was leading to 7:3 in the half-time. In the third quarter Spain could reduce it to 7:5, but in the final part they capitulated, and Serbia won to 10:7.

Filipović celebrating

Mandić (on the right) supports his teammates

Unity is strength

Question of the day: how did that Yugoslav flag get there?

(photos: Facebook/Olimpijski komitet Srbije)

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