Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Football and basketball news

I'm rolling on the floor from laugh.
It's unbelievable. You just browse through the headlines of news sites and the end-of-summer depression dissolves into thin air. Then in the next moment you fell off your chair. What an irony.
Bojan Šaranov leaves Partizan. Miroslav Radović is just a step away from leaving, and if rumours are true, Bojinov is also packing his suitcases.
Šaranov has signed to Qarabag in Azerbaijan. Radović is about to return to his former team, Legia Warsaw. (He was seen in Warsaw, it is only the question of time. Partizan has nothing against the transaction, Radović wants to get back to Poland as quickly as possible, or maybe rather he wants to leave the Serbian championship with this speed.)
Bojinov heard the call of an unnamed Turkish as well as an unnamed Greek team. Both are told to have a very tempting offer for the Bulgarian. Bojinov, according to Hotsport, has said farewell to Partizan-fans on his Instagram.

I still can’t believe it. The Butterfly-catcher, the Pensioner and the Show-off leave. Only these two Brazilians, Everton and Leonardo should be sold out, possibly to a faraway championship, e.g. to UAE or China. Then I may even be excited to see Partizan-matches, regardless of the low level.

To cut it short, I haven’t been this happy very long ago to see the selling of Partizan-players.


Lately I pretty much forgot to tell about the basketball team,

mea culpa

even though life hasn’t stopped around them for a minute. First, almost the entire team has left. The three Americans, Jones, Wilson and Williams all left right after the end of the season, as their contract expired. Aranitović and Cvetković have signed to Manresa (ESP), Murić left to Turkey, Magdevski is still on loan at OKK Beograd, Đumić has signed to Sloboda Tuzla. There’s no info about Vitkovac and Veličković, but their photos have been removed from Partizan’s website.
Those who are still KK Partizan’s players: Adin Vrabac, Mihajlo Andrić, Miloš Koprivica and Vanja Marinković. There are a few new signings, e.g. Branislav Ratkovica, Uroš Luković, Đorđe Majstorovic (from Metalac), Stefan Birčević (who was a national team member at the Olympic Games) and two Americans,  Frank Robinson and William Hatcher.

A photo posted by William Hatcher (@william_hatcher25) on

What is more, if rumours are true, Saša Pavlović wants to return to Partizan.
The team is playing preseason friendly games now, then in autumn they will take part in the fresly founded basketball Champions League.
ABA League will kickstart on 1st October with two newbies in the championship, Karpoš Sokoli from Macedonia and Mornar BAR from Montenegro.

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