Monday, July 25, 2016

OFK Bačka - FK Partizan 0:0 (superliga, round 1)

What the fuck was this?...
Scandalous. Shame. Anti-football. A bunch of impotent, talentless idiots fumbling around for 90 minutes. Seriously, it would have been better if the entire team (incl. coaches and staff) go out to the city to hunt for Pokémons instead of this crap.
More than 30 minutes passed when we could send the ball to the target for the first time. In the meantime Bačka had numerous attempts, they were courageous, they attacked - and they did it well. They at least played football... In the 9th minute Bjeloš hit the crossbar at the end of a quite cool attack. Šaranov again had Lady Luck on his side...
I wished I could kick more than one Partizan-players right in the ass (for their great luck I was more than far away from the Novi Sad stadium...). I don’t know how Radović could make it to avoid touching the ball for 45 minutes. Gogoua was a pile of misery, he again lost the ball near our penalty area and it almost ended up with a dangerous situation (finally Šaranov saved, but it was a cardial-arrest-situation). While Milenković’s ball control, well, needs a bit of improvement. (With other words, the defender's only activity was kicking the ball as far away as possible. Direction didn't matter.)
And we didn’t attack.
We were impotent. We were fumbling. Like a horde of pensioners. It’s impossible, for fuck’s sake! It can happen only in the 5th league, and even there it is allowed to happen only when half of the team still have hungover after the previous night’s party. But you are professionals, for fuck’s sake, this is what you make your living of!!! Go and live from hoeing on the cornfields, all of you!
Meanwhile Bačka had attempts. Not too many, but compared to what we made as "football" they played with determination and heart. Finally in the 31st minute that magical moment came when we could first push the ball to the direction of the goal line

it would be an exaggeration to call it "attempt"...

after a corner kick Bačka’s defenders kicked the ball downfield, but Đurđić could somehow send it back to the goalmouth. There Radović... well, Radović kicked big. No, not into the ball. Into the air instead. While the ball rolled out of the baseline. I’m sure it was crying while rolling out.
Raging Partizan-fans were chanting louder and louder. First it was "igrajte fudbal" (approx. "come on and play football), then in the 40th minute they were singing Saša Ilić’s name. At the half time whistle they started to throw hisses and curses on the team so much that Brašanac had to go to the tribune to calm them down.

Honestly, a lot of people, who love Partizan spent their money and free time to watch this shit. Not to mention all the crap from the past weeks/months... Who wouldn’t be angry while being in their shoes?...

Partizan started the second half with double substitution. Mihajlović came off (he was like his own shadow for the whole first half) and finally Saša Ilić entered the game. Miroslav "Pensioner" Radović was also substituted by that Leonardo, who was introduced with huge media attention.
Let’s clear a few things here.
I don’t know which one was worse, Radović or Leonardo. The Brazilian picked a quarrel with the opponent’s players at the very first minute, while his alleged football knowledge was surely confiscated at the Serbian border.
No need to embellish the story: Leonardo showed the image of a talentless idiot mixed with a primitive asshole at this game. What an amazing pair he'll make with the other Brazilian jerk, Everton. I can already envision them to have a nice collection of yellow and red cards and they have a quasi-competition on who have more.

Leonardo - his only function was to complete the obligatory number of 11 players on the field

The only slightly questionnable situation was in the 49th minute, when Brašanac was thwarted at Bačka’s penalty area. The referee gave a free kick for Partizan. Some complained for penalty kick, but the truth is (the slow motion replay showed it clear-cut) that the foul happened outside the penalty area line. Yet I have to admit, Brašanac performed a fantastic trajectory path while falling inside the penalty area. Leonardo came to do the free kick with a Hollywood-style entry. He ran up and gave a full-force kick to the ball - which then hit the wall.
He made it again a few more times. He did all the free kicks and screwed up all of them. I started to see why Anzhi kicked him out of the team...
The 70th minute brought the biggest Partizan-chance

missed out...

Brašanac got the ball and kicked it into the goalkeeper from 2 steps. The ball dropped to Đuričković, who shot from the goalmouth, but it was too wide.
Not as if we had deserved to score, based on the image of the game we performed. Not to mention a possible victory... Then the lowest point came for us when Bojan Ostojić on the bench got a yellow card for complaining loudly. The team is improving morally, isn’t it, Ivica?...
Then, when in the 74th minute Đuričković was substituted by Bojinov, I almost turned off the stream. It’s the impossible of impossibles. It just can’t be. Shit for crap. This substitution was probably the most perfect cross-section of today’s Partizan.
During the remaining 15 minutes Bojinov - better to be safe than sorry - missed out a few chances, then Bjeloš got his second yellow card, which automatically brought him the red one. He clashed with Everton at our penalty area line, he even fell, but the referee decided that he was just a counterfeit by him.
In the last 5 minutes we desperately tried to attack, with absolutely no result.
And here I take a deep breath and say it out loud: congratulations to Bačka to gain 1 point from this game. They deserved it. This was their first ever game in the superliga, they got the top gun team right in the first round and they didn’t shit their pants, they played, attacked, tackled and they were enthusiastic.
They were at least playing...

Saša Ilić after the game



Venue: Stadium Karađorđe, Novi Sad
Number of spectators: 5000
Official: Novak Simović (assistants: Srđan Milutinović, Ivica Stojanović - 4th assistant: Nemanja Gajdobranski)

OFK Bačka: Manojlović, Smiljanić, Josimov, N. Ilić, Klisura, Rogač, Bajić (Švonja, 70.), Bjeloš, Galić, Trivunović (Trajković, 82.), Mojsilović (Zečević, 56.)
Head coach: Spasoje Jelačić

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Vulićević, Gogoua, Milenković, Bogosavac, Everton, Brašanac, Mihajlović (S. Ilić, 46.), Đuričković (Bojinov, 73.), Radović (Leonardo, 46.), Đurđić
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Yellow card: Bjeloš (24.), N. Ilić (49.), Ostojić (71.), Rogač (90.)
Red card: Bjeloš (80.), second yellow card

Current championship standings:
1. Mladost 3 points
2. Radnički Niš 3 points
3. Metalac 3 points
4. Napredak 1 point
5. FK Javor 1 point
6. CZ 1 point
7. Mladi Radnik 1 point
8. FK Voždovac 1 point
9. FK Partizan 1 point
10. Spartak Subotica 1 point
11. OFK Bačka 1 point
12. Novi Pazar 0 point*
13. Vojvodina 0 point*
14. Rad 0 point
15. Čukarički 0 point
16. Borac 0 point

*The game between Novi Pazar and Vojvodina was postponed

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